Soma Craft Cidery: Your Go-to for Summer Refreshments

Five bottles of wine sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other on top of a tree stump.
Soma Craft Cidery

Among lush vineyards and scenic mountain backdrops, there's a place that's redefining summer refreshment: the Soma Craft Cidery. With their delightful suite of masterfully brewed ciders, they're fast becoming a favourite for cider lovers and novices alike.

Savour the Cider Crafted with Love and Nature

Soma Craft Cidery isn’t your ordinary cider establishment. More than just a cider-obsessed winery, they're proof to the brilliance of nature’s bounty. With the base of their ciders being 100% locally sourced apples, Soma is evidence of how Mother Nature, when left to do her thing, will unfailingly deliver wonders. Crack open a bottle of Soma cider, and you are instantly transported to the rolling apple orchards of the Okanagan.

Experience the Fusion of Ages and Flavours

Soma is the perfect blend of old and new, merging traditional cider brewing methods with modern techniques. Their batches are fermented and aged for over 6 months in French oak barrels, adding depth and a unique character to the cider. This process culminates in a range of ciders that deliver harmonic notes of apples, earthy undertones of the oak, and hints of floral and citrusy aromas.

Escape to a Place of Pure, Natural Beauty

But Soma Craft Cidery isn’t just about the cider; it's about the whole experience. The cidery itself, with its modern-yet-rustic tasting room, offers panoramic views of the surrounding vineyards and mountains. Helmed by friendly, knowledgeable staff, a visit to Soma should be on everyone’s summer to-do list. They can talk you through a cider tasting as you sip and savour, all while enjoying the sights and scents of the Okanagan Valley.

The Soma Sustainability Pledge

Sustainability lies strongly within Soma’s ethos. They're committed to making ciders that not only taste great but are also eco-friendly. This includes using minimal intervention in their cider-making to maintain the natural goodness of each apple and ensuring their process is as closed-loop as possible.

Sum it Up, Sip it Down

This summer, let your senses take flight with Soma Craft Cidery. Soma is the place to redefine summer relaxation. Grab a cider, or a few, from Soma Craft Cidery and recreate your very own corner of the Okanagan, wherever you may be.