St. Hubertus & Oak Bay Estate Winery: Perfecting Wine Since 1928

an aerial view of a farm with a house in the middle of the field and a body of water in the distance
St. Hubertus & Oak Bay Estate Winery

History of Excellence

Long established on the fertile grounds of South Kelowna, St. Hubertus & Oak Bay Estate Winery has been carrying the hallmark of premium Canadian wine since 1928. With a heritage steeped in tradition, this impressive establishment weaves a story of determination, innovation, and dedication towards harnessing the best of what the earth and viticulture have to offer.

Inheritance of Passion

The story of St. Hubertus & Oak Bay Estate winery is not just one of fine wines, but also family. The Gebert Family has been tending the vineyards for over thirty years with a deep-rooted respect for nature and the land. Their efforts have made this winery a cornerstone of Canada's wine landscape.

Natural Principles for Superior Wine

The Gebert’s consider the winery an active component of the local micro-ecosystem. They believe in maintaining the natural balance of the soil, refraining from the use of herbicides and pesticides. This gentle and sustainable approach to wine-making ensures that every bottle produced by the estate is a reflection of the natural, unpolluted terroir of the region. A glass poured from St. Hubertus & Oak Bay Estate Winery is more than just a wine; it’s a taste of the beautiful Okanagan region.

Esteemed and Award-Winning

St. Hubertus & Oak Bay Estate Winery's dedication to producing top-notch wines has not gone unnoticed. The winery has been the recipient of numerous awards and honours. It's no surprise given their commitment to keeping their product line 100% farm-gate, embracing consistency, quality, and a tree-to-bottle philosophy.

Expansive Wine Selections

St. Hubertus & Oak Bay provides an enviable variety of wines, ensuring there is something for every palate. The portfolio includes palate pleasing white wines like Chasselas and Gewürztraminer, full-bodied reds like Pinot Noir and Merlot, and even delectable late harvest and dessert wines. The vineyard’s unique microclimate bestows a unique characteristic to each variety that is truly enjoyable.

Experience The Winery

The wine certainly deserves accolades, but the winery's estate is part of its charm too. The breathtaking vistas of Kelowna, offering panoramas over Lake Okanagan, coupled with the ever-welcoming tasting room, contribute to a unique and memorable experience for every visitor.

Simply put, the St. Hubertus & Oak Bay Estate Winery is more than a purveyor of fine wines. It's an institution that embodies tradition, quality, and respect for nature. A visit to this winery or even just a taste of their superb wines is a must for any wine aficionado.