The Gray Monk Estate Winery Experience: Taste, Tour, Treasure

a large field of green plants next to a lake with mountains in the background and a dirt road in the foreground
Gray Monk Estate Winery

Gray Monk Estate Winery: A Symphony of Flavour

Gray Monk Estate Winery danced into existence in 1972, a passion project borne from the innovative visions of the Heiss family. Gray Monk boasts a fruitful history spanning almost five decades. The name, originating from Pinot Gris - an ancient European grape variety and distinct hallmark of Gray Monk's enduring quality, represents brilliance, wisdom, and honour. As you venture through the rolling vineyards and look into the exceptional wine and culinary landscape, expect no less from your Gray Monk experience.

World-Class Wine Portfolio

To savour Gray Monk's unique and diverse wine portfolio is to journey through a fantastical flavour map of meticulously crafted vintages. As the first in British Columbia to plant Pinot Gris, Gray Monk's trailblazing spirit continues to sear through their impressive range of vintages which includes thoughtful exploration beyond conventional varieties. Their Odyssey line showcases the power of barrel aging while the Latitude 50 blend, a playful tip of the hat to Kelowna's geographical coordinates, gives wine lovers a taste of the region in a bottle.

Each offering, from their sparkling wines to their captivating dessert varieties, is crafted with passion, amplifying Kelowna's terroir in every drop. You'll find yourself spoiled for choice, beguiled by the astounding variety of flavours to dance upon your palate.

Sweeping Vineyard Tours

Windswept rows of burgeoning vines set against the backdrop of the sapphire Lake Okanagan – it’s an image that promises an unforgettable tour of Gray Monk’s vast vineyard. The tour is much more than just a visual spectacle. It is a narrated journey into the winery’s grape-growing philosophy, where quality dictates every decision.

Watch as the vineyard springs to life under the warm Kelowna sun, the grapes ripening to perfection under the expert tending of the vineyard team. Each turn of the season brings a new aspect of the winery to light, from the power of the harvest to the quiet satisfaction of seeing the vineyard rest during the winter months.

Superb Dining Experience

To savour a meal at the esteemed Gray Monk Estate Winery is to be whisked away on a gastronomic journey that showcases local ingredients in perfect harmony with their accompanying wines.

The winery’s restaurant, The Lookout, is aptly named for its panoramic views over Lake Okanagan and vine-studded slopes. Every dish is prepared with locally sourced ingredients, and meticulously paired with Gray Monk's exquisite wines by their expert culinary team. Whether it's a lunch under the warm afternoon sun or a romantic dinner as the evening veils the valley, dining at The Lookout adds the perfect note of full-bodied flavor to your Gray Monk experience.

As you prepare to leave the threshold of the Gray Monk Estate Winery, you realize you are not leaving empty-handed. This exquisite Kelowna place ensures you walk away with more than just a bottle or two. You leave with memories of a unique sensory journey of flavours, experiences, and a smitten palate that will lure you back for more.