The Legacy of Wards Cider: Preserving Kelowna's Cider Tradition

Wards Cidery sign with Authentic Okanagan, Family Owned, and Hand Crafted in Kelowna.
Wards Cidery

The Deep Roots of Ward's Cider

For over a century, Ward's Cider has been at the forefront of the cider industry in Kelowna, British Columbia. This historic establishment, located in Kelowna's cider country, presents an attractive blend of tradition, innovation and commitment to quality that has solidified its reputation as a destination of choice for connoisseurs near and far.

A subsidiary of The View Winery, Ward's Cider is renowned for preserving the cider-making tradition of the region, operating on a heritage apple orchard with trees more than 100 years old. These long-standing trees yield fruits that embody the distinctive taste profile of the region, resulting in truly local and heartwarming ciders transcending generations.

The Crafted Ciders and Exceptional Quality

Ward's Cider is constantly in pursuit of quality. This is exemplified by their award-winning ciders, lauded for their balanced acidity, pleasant aromas, and unparalleled quality. Just take a sip of their Hard Apple Cider, a cider enthusiast's delight, seeped with crisp apple tones, light effervescence, and a dry finish that is nothing less than a celebration of British Columbia's cider heritage.

One cannot overlook Ward's Picker's Hut Premium Cider either, an artisanal offering combining seasonal fruits with handpicked heritage apples, resulting in a unique flavour bouquet which is both harmonious and refreshing.

Glorious Surroundings Meet Genuine Hospitality

The Cider House at Ward's brings the rich flavours of Kelowna’s cider tradition to a grand stage. This heritage-filled property paints a scenic backdrop, from panoramic views of the apple orchard to the shimmering lake beyond. As if the breathtaking views weren't enough, the warmth and hospitality shown by the cidery's staff are second to none - they are eager to share their passion for ciders and the rich history behind this treasured cider house.

Commitment to Sustainability

Ward's Cider, however, is more than just its ecstatic ciders and scenic locales. It's also a trailblazer in sustainability and environmental responsibility, constantly striving for proactive practices in their estate orchard. Crop rotation, limiting pesticide use, and pioneering innovative growing techniques, underline Ward's dedication to preserving the land for future generations of cider enthusiasts.

Inclusion and Accessibility: Cider for All

In keeping with a spirit of inclusivity, Ward's Cider offers an alluring range of gluten-free and vegan ciders, thus making sure that the joy of savouring a finely crafted cider transcends dietary restrictions. It’s an inviting gesture that reveals the brand's commitment to making cider an enjoyable experience for all.

Indeed, the legacy of Ward's Cider is interwoven with Kelowna's cider tradition showcasing heritage and an ode to quality. With each sip, you are not just tasting cider, but you’re also participating in a time-honored tradition that promises an authentic, memorable experience. The journey through Ward's cider territories is a rendezvous with a tradition that is as enduring as it is delightful.