The Orchard’s Best: Sip and Savor at Wards Cider

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Wards Cidery

Amidst the peaceful Kelowna landscapes, Wards Cider, a part of The View Winery, is a family-owned establishment rooted in history and heritage. The winery and cider facility have been offering remarkable experiences to all its visitors. This is a place where luscious orchards meet innovative technology and traditional practices, culminating in an unforgettable sip of their carefully crafted ciders.

From Tree to Glass – A Century-Old Legacy

Start your journey with an understanding of the 100-year legacy that makes Wards Cider what it is today. The lands of this historic establishment have been adding joyous bubbles and delicious flavours to the lives of wine and cider enthusiasts since the 1920s. The Ward family's fifth-generation apple farmers meticulously care for the vintage trees while utilizing their exceptional knowledge to produce the highest quality cider, ensuring each glass symbolizes a celebration of their family's long-standing love for apple cultivation.

Producing Award-Winning Innovations

Wards Cider's repertoire is characterized by an array of aromatic, flavorful creations that have bagged numerous accolades over the years. The Ward's Picker's Hut Premium Cider is worth special mention, having received double gold awards. Its bright taste and light, bubbly nature make it the star of their collection.

Experience Kelowna’s Epic Scenery

The charm of Wards Cider reaches far beyond the exquisite drinks. The view from the winery is a visual treat that offers panoramic vistas of the stunning Okanagan Valley. The flourishing apple orchards, breathtaking landscapes, and tranquil ambiance provide the perfect setting for a day of tasting their refreshing ciders or an evening of watching the captivating sunsets.

Unforgettable Tasting Room Experiences

Adding to the allure of Wards Cider is the opportunity to explore their Tasting Room, located at The View Winery. Here, guests are given a chance to sample their extensive range of ciders, wines, and even their special Wards Distillery spirits. The staff’s friendly expertise will guide you through the tasting flight, ensuring you find the perfect sip that flatters your palate.

In Conclusion: Savouring at Wards Cider

Wards Cider is far more than its award-winning beverages. It's a meeting of dedicated family knowledge, historical orchards, and inventive production techniques, all brought together in each glass of cider. A visit to Wards Cider is a cherished experience, indulging the senses, uncovering century-old histories, and creating breathtaking memories.

For memorable moments and award-winning drinks, look no further than the Orchard's Best: Wards Cider- where every sip is savoured.