The Secret Behind Soma Craft Cidery’s Refreshing Libations

A house in the middle of a forest with a picnic table and a barrel in the foreground at Soma Craft Cidery in Kelowna.
Soma Craft Cidery

Unfolding the Enigma of Kelowna’s Soma Craft Cidery

Welcome to the unexplored world of wine, where beauty sprouts from a mere ripple in your palate. Let’s unveil the mystery, and let your senses be enthralled by the craftsmanship of Soma Craft Cidery in Kelowna.

Accomplished Artisans

Soma Craft Cidery leaves an indelible mark on the wine landscape. Encompassing a generation of experience, they have honed the urge for undiluted authenticity into a truly inherent process, and have mastered the trade of producing cider with a quiet elegance and subtle charm.

The Soul of the Valley

There's something inherently enchanting about a drink that captures its surroundings' soul. Soma draws from the fertile soils of the Okanagan Valley, sourcing succulent apples from local orchards. An embodiment of its environment, Soma’s creations vibrantly reveal their unique origin in every sip.

The Road to Refreshment

Behind the refreshing libations at Soma Craft Cidery lies an intricate process. From hand-picked apples to the intricate art of fermentation, the journey to your glass is both art and science intertwined. Ripe fruit is transformed into a pure juice, which then tiptoes along the fine line of fermentation, under the careful watch of the cidermasters.

Innovation and Tradition

What sets Soma apart? A deft blend of innovation and age-old tradition. Soma respects the classic rules of cider production but isn't afraid to weave in modern techniques to produce innovative flavours. The outcome: a drink that is traditional yet uniquely ground-breaking in its taste profile.

Serene Sipping Spots

Step into the Soma tasting room, and you'll realize it's more than a place to taste cider. Located in a serene setting, it's where you can witness the magic of the process, enjoy the captivating view of the orchards, and relish in the lingering notes of the drink in a peaceful environment.

A Sip of Responsibility

Soma Craft Cidery is committed to sustainability. Their mission is simple — create good cider, in a good way, for good people.

Intrigued? Visit Soma Craft Cidery in Kelowna. Libations infused with the local landscape’s charm and created with meticulous attention to detail await you. Each cider has the secret of a timeless tradition served in a glass. Let the taste of Soma surprise your palate, and be your own judge of this cherished secret.