The Spirit of Craft Distillation: A Visit to Okanagan Spirits

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Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery

Experience the fine art of distillation wrapped in a flavourful, tantalizing experience and immerse yourself in the craft of distillation with a visit to Okanagan Spirits.

Introduction: Discover Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery

Are you ready to awaken your senses to the aroma of fruits and grains, to witness the magic of turning them into premium spirits? Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery invites you to take part in a hypnotic journey of artisan spirit production.

Unraveling the Okanagan Spirits Journey

Okanagan Spirits started its journey in 2004, emerging as the pioneer of craft distillation in Western Canada. It is a family-owned company, rich in its legacy of distilling spirits from 100% BC fruits and grains.

Respecting Tradition, Embracing Innovation

This Uniquely BC Distillery has clung to traditional methods of crafting spirits. The distillery uses two beautiful 1250-litre copper-pot stills from Germany, faithfully adhering to the age-old European distillation method. However, it's not just about tradition. Okanagan Spirits furthers its craft by ingeniously combining these traditional techniques with innovative practices. The result - a collection of spirits that are as exciting and diverse as those who enjoy them.

Raising Your Glass to Sustainability

Okanagan Spirits prides itself in its commitment to sustainability and zero pesticides, artificial fertilizers, or GMO products are used. All fruits and grains are locally sourced and fermented, distilled, and bottled on-site. The remaining distilled grains are given back to local farmers for feed, reflecting a sustainable approach to farming.

The World-Class Spirits Collection

Boasting a truly impressive collection of spirits, Okanagan's offerings include Whisky, Brandy, Liqueurs, Vodka, Gin, Aquavit, Absinthe, and Fruit Spirits. Their Laird of Fintry Single Malt Whisky is a notable accolade holder having won numerous national and international awards.

The Distillery Experience

A visit to Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery is a fulfilling immersion into the spirit world. The distillery provides an insightful tour, which includes an overview of the production process, a visit to the barrel rooms, ending with a tasting of their exceptional spirits.

Moreover, the distillery store offers a chance to take home a piece of Okanagan, with their spirits being perfect souvenirs or gifts.

Conclusion: Raising Spirits the Okanagan Way

A visit to the Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery is an experience that combines sensory appeal with love for the craft, respect for tradition, and a commitment to sustainability. It promises and delivers a unique concoction of sustenance, craftsmanship, and of course, spirits. Your visit to Okanagan is an opportunity to take a sip of British Columbia's spirit and take home a story of a distillery that truly cares for its craft.