Trends in Home Decor: Kelowna Edition

Over the years, home decor has continually evolved, embodying people's changing tastes, technological advancements, and emerging trends. Simultaneously, it plays a crucial role in cultivating a homey atmosphere, making a house feel more like home.

The Blend of Nature and Interior Decor

Kelowna's opportunity to experience all four seasons presents unique home decor challenges. One trend that stands out is incorporating natural elements into indoor living spaces. Whether it's an indoor vertical garden, furniture pieces made from reclaimed wood, or nature-inspired wallpaper, people in Kelowna have been taking a leaf out of nature's book for their home decor.

One beautiful example is a residence overlooking Okanagan Lake. With large-scale windows that perfectly frame the breath-taking natural scenery outdoors, the interior gentry complements the view with organic materials for their furnishings and finishes. The result is a home that presents a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, subtly blurring the lines between man-made comforts and nature's artistic milieu.

Minimalism with a Cozy Touch

Minimalism has always been a common theme in home decor, and Kelowna is no exception. The city's residents have been favouring clean lines, simple forms, and functionality. Spaces are kept free from clutter, while each piece of furniture or decor serves a purpose.

One great example is a two-story house in Kelowna's Mission neighbourhood. The minimalist arrangement allows its architectural elements to stand out. However, to ensure that the home does not feel sterile or cold, the owners have balanced their minimalist approach with layers of warm, natural textures. Plush rugs, knit pillows, and velvet upholstery give a cozy, inviting touch to the otherwise streamlined space.

Sustainable and Ethical Decor

The community of Kelowna has a love for the environment. This translates into their home decor trends, with a focus on sustainable and ethical elements becoming more common. Sourcing materials locally is a prominent part of this trend, supporting local artisans and reducing the carbon footprint associated with transporting goods.

A prime example is a family home in the area. All the furniture pieces come from local woodworkers and craftsmen, ensuring the pieces are not only stunningly beautiful but also environmentally considerate. Practicality doesn't take a backseat either. The homeowners have installed energy-efficient fixtures throughout their property, demonstrating how sustainable choices can also be beautiful and functional.

Embracing Kelowna's Cultural Blend

The cultural diversity in Kelowna is well-reflected in its interior design trends. From rustic charm influences from its wine country roots to chic and modern execution, Kelowna homeowners are designing their interior spaces to be an eclectic reflection of the cultural blend the city represents.

Take a home in the South Pandosy neighbourhood for example — traditional Canadian elements such as a grand stone fireplace are complemented by modern fixtures. Beautiful local artwork by indigenous artists adds a touch of cultural significance, expressing a unique sense of place in every space.


What defines Kelowna's home decor trends is the special blend of modernity and tradition, of sustainable concepts and natural elements, and of course, a profound respect and love for nature. It's not just about making a space aesthetically appealing, but also about building a home that cherishes and showcases Kelowna's cultural blend and glorifies its naturally gifted landscapes. No matter how the trends shift, it looks like Kelowna's tale of decor will continue to be a toast to the town's legacy and way of life.