Uncover the Secrets of Blind Tiger Vineyards

A picturesque outdoor seating area and tasting room at Blind Tiger Vineyards in Lake Country with a view of the mountains in the background.
Blind Tiger Vineyards

Unfold the mystery of Blind Tiger Vineyard, an organic winery, known for its rich aromas, represents the perfect amalgam of innovation and tradition.

Sip of Nature: The Organic Difference

Blind Tiger Vineyards is the representation of an organic wonder. The organic certification of this winery ensures a uniquely delicious non-chemically modified produce. The vineyard impressively advocates the eco-friendly movement by using compost teas, cover crops, and minimal intervention to preserve the biodiversity of the soil.

The Front-Runner of Sustainable Tradition

The impressive history of viticulture at Blind Tiger Vineyards is considerable. This vineyard has been at the forefront of wine experimentation and adaptation; making it not only about taste, but about a sustainable and progressive approach towards winemaking.

Unveiling the Winemaking Process

The hands-on approach in the wine-making process at Blind Tiger Vineyards instills faith in their commitment to taste and quality. The fermentation of the grapes occurs in small lots, allowing for nurturing and focused attention to each batch's unique characteristics, resulting in a wine that is distinct and of the highest quality.

Wine with a Speakeasy Spirit

The allure of Blind Tiger Vineyards extends beyond its wine. The origin of the winery's name, Blind Tiger, denotes a speakeasy or illegal bar during the Prohibition era, a time when wineries were scarce, and wine was a valuable hidden treasure. The Blind Tiger Vineyards pay homage to the speakeasy spirit, twisting the sense of rebellion into an innovative wine production approach.

Astonishing Range of Varieties

Take hold of the opportunity to indulge in an array of flavours available at Blind Tiger Vineyards. With superb reds, stellar whites, rosés, and even apple cider, every visit offers a chance to explore an extensive assortment of unique notes. The Riesling, Pinot Noir, and Merlot are acclaimed favourites producing a complexity of flavours waiting to be discovered.

A Breath-Taking Wine-Tasting Experience

Blind Tiger Vineyards offers exclusive tasting opportunities where visitors can soak in the panoramic view of the Okanagan Valley while savouring meticulously crafted wines. The vineyard's tasting room, perched on the edge of a scenic pond, is the perfect spot to sip wine and regenerate amidst nature.


Blind Tiger Vineyards are truly a representation of the passion for organic wine and nature's harmony. In this lake-view paradise, you get to enjoy a sensory journey of aromatic wines and splendid landscapes. This winery invites you to uncover these secrets and experience a taste like no other.