Uncovering Kelowna's Street Art: A Walking Tour

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Kelowna Art Gallery


Currently regarded as one of Canada's most dynamic art scenes, Kelowna is a city etched with a rich scene of murals and street art that add splashes of colour and cultural depth to its infrastructure. Walking the streets of this lively city, on the shoreline of Okanagan Lake, takes you on an exciting journey of discovery and appreciation of local and international talents. Uncovering Kelowna's street art scene is akin to taking a visual history tour, offering insights into its unique identity, diverse inhabitants and its zest for life.

A Walking Tour of Kelowna's Vivid Murals

Kelowna is no stranger to stunning street art and murals. Spruced across its sidewalk, buildings, and alleys are art pieces that not only beautify the city but also serve as a platform for artists to express societal themes, celebrate local culture, and even challenge norms.

Cultural District

Begin your walking tour in the Cultural District. A blend of contemporary and historical creations, scan your eyes from wall to wall and marvel at how the city's artists have interpolated their voices into the urban landscape. A notable mural in this district, located on the corner of Ellis Street and Cawston Avenue, is "Know Your Impact," a bright piece by Jessica Lea Fleming and Janice Taylor reflecting their commitment to the environment and aiming to inspire the community to take action against climate change.

Bernard Avenue

Next, head to Bernard Avenue, where adorned on its structures are incredible works of art. Stand in awe before 'The Story of Ogopogo,' a massive, colourful mural displayed on the north wall of The Royal Anne Hotel. This piece, created by local artist Fred Dobbs, narrates a well-known local legend – Ogopogo, a serpent-like creature said to inhabit Okanagan Lake.

Richter Street and Lawrence Avenue

On your next stop, be sure to visit Richter Street and Lawrence Avenue, home of the Bright Jenny Coffee Roasters. Affixed on the coffee shop's wall is 'The Gatherer,' an art piece by the renowned artist duo Leans and Wert. The mural seeks to showcase the magnificent Western tradition of coffee gatherings and dialogue exchange and successfully does so by integrating tribal patterns and stylized illustrations, capturing the welcoming spirit of Kelowna.

Ethel Street and Recreation Avenue

Finally, visit the Ethel Street and Recreation Avenue intersection, where more stunning murals await. Among these, 'Survivorship' by local artist Sheldon Louis stands out. This mural is a tribute to Indigenous women survivors of violence, an occurrence far too common yet often overlooked. The powerful piece serves as a symbol of strength, honour and resilience.

The Role of Street Art in Kelowna

Street art in Kelowna is more than just paintings on walls. It is a collection of the city’s stories, history, values, and aspirations. These works add aesthetic appeal to the city's streets while serving as open-sky galleries that promote local artists and topics close to Kelowna's heart.


The street art culture in Kelowna is as unique as the city itself. This dynamic metropolis invites you to look into its complex layers of identity, persona and values through its fascinating array of murals. A walking tour around the city offers you more than an art display; it's a glimpse into the community's soul, a reflection of its spirit, and a renewed appreciation for the magic that results from where art meets public space.