Unearthing the Secrets of Volcanic Hills Estate Winery

Bottles of Rosé wine labeled Volcanic Hills from Volcanic Hills Estate Winery in West Kelowna.
Volcanic Hills Estate Winery

Uncover the charm and elegance of Volcanic Hills Estate Winery, a family-owned establishment in the West Kelowna area. This dazzling star in Canadian winemaking expertise boasts a seamless blend of luxury and sustainability that finds its way into every single bottle.

From Humble Roots - The History

A symbol of true entrepreneurial spirit, the Gidda family migrated from Punjab, India to Canada and managed to forge an unparalleled legacy within two generations. Today, the family-owned Volcanic Hills Estate Winery is a reminder of their hardworking ethos and a solid belief in making the impossible possible.

True to its Roots - Land and Grapes

Situated on the slope of Mount Boucherie, a dormant volcano that provides unique mineral-rich soil, the winery is blessed with a fertile land that nurtures the grapes giving it a distinctive taste. The terroir, the climate, and the meticulous attention the family gives to each vine showcase their immense respect for the land that renders their exquisite wines.

Bask in the Sunshine - The Perfect Climate

The outstanding quality and taste of Volcanic Hills’ wines should not be attributed solely to the richness of the soil. The estate’s location offers a near-perfect climate. The Boucherie Mountain acts as a barrier from harsh winds, creating an oasis of warmth and sunshine, conditions that are ideal for vineyard cultivation.

Wide Array of Wine Varieties

Volcanic Hills offers an array of varieties. The wine offerings include Chardonnays full of bright acidity, award-winning Pinot Gris, an unusually robust Gamay Noir, and luscious dessert wines crafted with care and love.

A Wine for Everyone - Accessibility and Affordability

Despite its prestige, Volcanic Hills prides itself in making wine accessible to everyone. The winery crafts affordable, high-quality wines that both novice wine enthusiasts and discerning connoisseurs can equally appreciate.

An Engaging Wine Experience - Visit the Winery

Visiting Volcanic Hills Estate Winery is an experience in itself. Wine tasting events and tours of their vineyards reveal the passion and attention to detail that is poured into every bottle. Also, their multi-floor wine shop offers an immersive experience for visitors, where one can explore wines and also appreciate the breathtaking view of the vineyard and Okanagan Valley.

The secret of Volcanic Hills Estate Winery lies in its celebration of familial legacy, respect for the land, and passion for crafting unique and accessible wines. Pay a visit, and let yourself be enchanted.