Unwind by the Lake at Lakesider Brewing

A person holding a glass of beer in front of a large metal faucet on a metal stand.
Lakesider Brewing

Discover Your Lakeside Place at Lakesider Brewing

On the stunning shores lies a place for all beer aficionados and serenity seekers - Lakesider Brewing. An embodiment of craft brewing at its finest, Lakesider Brewing marries the art of artisan brewing with a relaxing ambiance that promises a delightful lakeside retreat.

A Gorgeous Location with a Unique Story

Few breweries can boast the enchanting allure that Lakesider Brewing enjoys. Located on the lush shorelines of the iconic Okanagan Lake, this brewery is a sanctuary for beer lovers seeking peace amidst the hectic pulse of daily life. Its superb location offers arresting views over the glassy lake, providing a serene backdrop for heartfelt conversations and memorable experiences.

Lakesider Brewing is not just a physical location; it tells a story. A story of passion for crafting superior, unique brews while caring for the environment. The organic hops used in their brewing process are grown locally, affirming their commitment to sustainability and the local economy.

Stellar Selection of Unparalleled Brews

A demonstration of the mastery of traditional brewing methods combined with innovative experimentation, Lakesider Brewing offers an enviable selection of brews. Passionately perfected, each beer reflects the spirit and character of the region while offering a distinct, distinctive flavour palette.

Reflecting their commitment to quality, Lakesider Brewing's beers have garnered several accolades at beer festivals. From crisp, hop-laden ales to rich, robust malty lagers, their repertoire promises an unforgettable tasting journey.

More Than Just a Brewery

But the charm of Lakesider Brewing extends beyond the confines of exceptional beer making. It's also a popular destination for social engagements, offering brewery tours, tastings, events, and an on-site restaurant. The restaurant serves mouth-watering local food, prepared using fresh, seasonal ingredients that pair perfectly with their fine brews.

Lakesider Brewing also recognizes the importance of community. It regularly hosts engaging events, turning the brewery into a buzzing social hub for everyone, from locals to tourists.

A Sublime Encounter Awaits

Lakesider Brewing offers a memorable experience for fervent beer aficionados and casual drinkers alike. Its serene location on the shores of the Okanagan Lake, commitment to artisan brewing, and the community it fosters offer an unforgettable escape into the world of craft beer, subtly inviting you to leave your worries aside and unwind by the lake.

So why wait? Embrace the Lakesider Brewing experience and discover the unrivalled charm of beer-making while unwinding in nature's lap. Drinking beer has never been this beautiful!