Upside Cider: Taste the Kelowna Sunshine in Every Glass

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Upside Cider

A Sample of Natural Splendour: Upside Cider

Upside Cider presents a unique tasting experience that beautifully captures the charm and lush vibrancy of the region. Wholesome, home-grown, and undeniably delectable, every sip of Upside Cider immerses you in a tantalizing taste of Kelowna's sun-soaked, fruity abundance.

Home to Pristine Apples

Within the stunning environment of Kelowna, mirrored by serene lakes and under-carpeted by verdant vineyards, lies the expansive orchards housing the key ingredient for Upside Cider. As the first cidery in Canada to gain the certification for being Salmon-Safe, the emphasis on sustainable and responsible farming is evident in every farm-to-table glass produced.

Conscious Cider Crafting

Upside Cider’s ethic reverberates with a resonant ‘Earth-first’ echo. Certified organic, products from Upside Cider ensure that you enjoy your drink, knowing it’s been bottled with due thought about its impact on the environment. Upside Cider’s commitment to sustainable practices, seen in their use of manual labour over heavy machinery, is not just a nod to traditional methods but a conscious decision to reduce their carbon footprint.

Flavours that Sing of Sunshine

Rich, robust, with an eloquent balance between sweet and tart, each Upward Cider variant offers a different dancing note on the palate. The 'Homestead' blends twin varieties of apples to create a cider that is both savoury and sweet. For those seeking a more small-batch experience, 'The Underdog' exemplifies the joy of simplicity - a cider fashioned from the orchard's smallest, often overlooked windfall apples.

More Than a Cidery

In addition to being a hotspot for cider enthusiasts, Upside is a welcoming community epicentre. The seasonal Farmers Market brings together a smorgasbord of local produce, reinforcing Kelowna's reputation as a destination of farm-fresh gastronomic delights. Coupled with their educational tours, visitors are handed a holistic experience that extends beyond the mere indulgence of delicious cider.

Savour the Upside Experience

Upside Cider invites you to discover a symphony of flavours. By cultivating a passionate marriage of eco-consciousness and sensory delight, Upside Cider turns every glass into a taste of sun-kissed Okanagan. Venture to Upside Cider - it's more than a drink; it’s a glimpse into the indulgent simplicity of natural production, a taste of the Kelowna sunshine in every glass.