Why Kelowna is a Top Destination for Eco-Tourism

A scenic view of Kelowna, featuring a mix of residential areas, farmland, a marina, and mountains in the background.


Kelowna is a city that combines the best of nature with culture and a hint of urban charm. It has gradually emerged as a top destination for eco-tourism, thanks to its abundant greens, crystal clear waters, diverse wildlife, and efforts towards sustainable living. But what exactly classifies Kelowna as a destination for eco-tourists? Let us examine deeper.

The Natural Bounty of Kelowna

The primary allure for eco-tourists to any destination is undoubtedly the presence of natural beauty, and Kelowna checks this box overwhelmingly. The area boasts a unique semi-arid microclimate that presents a fruitful environment for diverse flora and fauna, while also having breathtaking landscapes of lush vineyards, rocky mountains, tranquil lakes, and evergreen forests.

On a trip to Kelowna, one might start their day with a fuel-efficient electric boat ride on Okanagan Lake, spend their afternoon bird-watching at Maude-Roxby Wildlife Sanctuary, and conclude the evening with a tranquil sunset hike on Knox Mountain. With such a diverse array of landscapes, Kelowna offers nature reconnecting experiences that gratify every eco-tourist's desires.

Sustainable Wineries and Local Farming

Part of the allure of Kelowna is the dedication towards sustainable winemaking and farming. As the birthplace of wine-making in British Columbia, many vineyards in Kelowna are pesticide-free and use natural methods of pest control. One such example is the Summerhill Pyramid Winery, which is certified organic and biodynamic. Visitors can take a tour of these vineyards, tasting some of the region's best wines, while also learning about their sustainable practices.

Similarly, Kelowna's farming community thrives on the principles of sustainability. Numerous farms, such as the Arlo's Honey Farm, use eco-friendly farming practices to cultivate organic produce. Here, you can buy honey straight from the apiary, ensuring not only that you are supporting local businesses, but that the product is completely natural too.

Green Accommodations and Transportations

Kelowna is home to numerous accommodations and transportation companies that prioritize sustainable practices. The city offers a selection of eco-friendly hotels like the Hotel Eldorado and Manteo Resort, which are committed to reducing their carbon footprint through water conservation, recycling programs, energy-efficient lighting, and more.

As for getting around, several companies offer environmentally friendly transportation. Visitors can opt to rent a bike from Myra Canyon Bicycle Rental or rent a hybrid vehicle from Enterprise Rent-A-Car, reducing their carbon footprint while exploring the city.

Commitment to Nature Conservation

What truly makes Kelowna stand out in eco-tourism is its commitment to conservation. Local organizations like the Okanagan Similkameen Stewardship Society and Central Okanagan Land Trust work tirelessly to protect and restore local ecosystems and preserve them for future generations. There are several ongoing conservation initiatives, and visitors often have the opportunity to participate in these efforts.


To sum up, the unique combination of breathtaking natural beauty, sustainable practices in winemaking and farming, green accommodations and transportation, and commitment to nature conservation makes Kelowna a top eco-tourism destination. It is a place that lets you enjoy the beauty of nature without compromising on comfort or convenience, all the while ensuring minimal impact on the environment. Whether you're a seasoned eco-traveller or just starting your green journey, Kelowna welcomes you with open arms to explore its natural and sustainable wonders.