Wild Ambition Brewing: Fermenting Dreams into Reality

Three glasses of beer are sitting on a table with a fence in the background behind them.
Wild Ambition Brewing

Discovering the Roots

Wild Ambition Brewing was established by Theresa and Mitchell, truly passionate pioneers whose devotion to exploring unique brewing techniques results in a distinctive blend of brews that captivates both local and global beer enthusiasts.

The Artistry of Brewing

Wild Ambition Brewing is a craft delight for the senses. Each process is infused with a dash of ingenuity and a sprinkle of creativity, ensuring a beer that's far from ordinary. Influenced by Belgian and American brewing methods with a focus on mixed culture fermentation, this winery is truly fermenting dreams into reality.

Embracing the Wild

Wild Ambition Brewing is dedicated to embracing local Okanagan terroir. By incorporating ingredients such as locally grown and malted grains, native wild yeast, and fruits from their surrounding orchards and vineyards, they have crafted a line-up of beers that are authentically Kelowna and show their passion for their craft and region.

Unique Brews to Discover

Prepare for your taste buds to embark on an adventure with their wild brews. Options such as the tart, fruity 'All That And Then Some,' the distinctly complex 'Beneath The Waves,' and the barrel-aged magic of 'Project Bramble' each reveal a story of innovation, passion, and ambition.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Beyond their mouth-watering concoctions, Wild Ambition Brewing is passionately committed to maintaining an eco-friendly and sustainable operational model. To reconcile their love for beer with their respect for the planet, they have implemented various practices including recycling grain waste into feed for local farm animals, composting hops, and actively minimizing water usage.

Unravel the Wild Ambition Experience

Wild Ambition Brewing is consistently raising the bar in the craft beer industry. By converging tradition with innovation, sourcing local ingredients with global taste profiles, and delivering culinary-inspired experiments in each brew, this winery is indeed a sanctuary for beer lovers.

Here's your chance to discover a winery that’s truly ahead of its time. Come unravel the craftsmanship and enjoy the subtly convincing charm of Wild Ambition Brewing.