Wild Ambition Brewing: Where Craft Beer Gets Wild

A bottle of liquid sitting on top of a wooden table next to a glass of wine and a sign that says Wild Ambition.
Wild Ambition Brewing

Ambition Unbottled: The Wild at Heart

Wild Ambition Brewing in Kelowna is more than just a local winery. It is a unique fusion of the gentle patience of the wine-producing discipline and the vibrant, experimental spirit of craft brewing. It's where passion and enterprise converge and where craft beer takes a walk on the wild side.

The Origins of a Wild Dream

Born with a deep love for fermentation-based drinks, Wild Ambition Brewing came from a pair of dreamers - Mitch and Theresa. Propelled by an ambition to innovate, this dynamic duo turned a wild concept into an intoxicating reality, marrying traditional brewing methods with a modern approach.

The Art of Wild Fermentation

At Wild Ambition Brewing, beer is made using a time-honoured technique called 'spontaneous fermentation,' a process that allows the natural yeasts present in the air and on the fruit to ferment the brew. This technique gives each barrel of beer its unique flavour profile and shows the terroir of the region. This 'wild' approach to brewing has set them apart in Canadian beer circles, garnering a following of those who appreciate a beer with character.

The Brews Bold Enough to Be Wild

The portfolio at Wild Ambition Brewing tells colourful stories, each beer featuring a distinct personality that reflects its unique birth process. From the tart and crisp ‘Disco Nap’ that pays homage to the Belgian-style saison beers to the 'Imaginal Phase' a memorable wine-beer hybrid, each drink is crafted to surprise and delight.

Highlighting their sustainable ethos and a commitment to community, many of their brews feature locally sourced ingredients, further embedding their local roots into each sip.

Sip, Savour, and Stay Awhile

The Wild Ambition taproom - a warm and welcoming environment, perfect for both connoisseurs and newcomers alike, invites you to linger longer. Stylishly rustic with a modern flair, it provides an ideal setting to appreciate the masterpieces born of wild ambition. Delicious food offerings, frequently updated to complement the ever-evolving brew menu, promise a wholesome experience. Furthermore, their COVID-19 safety measures ensure a relaxing, secure environment for all guests.

A Wild Invitation

Wild Ambition Brewing is not just a winery, but an experience. An invitation to explore the world of beer through a new lens and surrender to the wild ambition of artisans who've blurred the boundaries between tradition and revolution. Find your wild side here, one sip at a time. Who knows, you might just be inspired to nurture a wild ambition of your own.