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BC Family Day Weekend

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2025-02-17 to 2025-02-17
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Family Day is celebrated on the 3rd Monday of February.

British Columbia Family Day is a statutory holiday celebrated annually on the second Monday of February, allowing residents to spend quality time with their families. And, what better place to make the most of this long weekend than the scenic city of Kelowna, BC? With its vineyards, scenic beauty, adventurous activities, and more, Kelowna transforms into a hub of festivities and fun during this weekend.

What to Expect?

Adventure and Sports

If your family loves adventure, don't miss the various outdoor activities planned for the weekend. These range from skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating to hikes and wildlife tours.

Art and Culture

Experience local culture at its finest with art exhibitions, craft workshops, and theatre performances. Visit the local museums or participate in traditional storytelling sessions to enrich your cultural knowledge.

Culinary Delights

Tantalize your taste buds with culinary events such as food and wine pairing sessions at local wineries, cooking classes, and food trucks serving regional cuisine.


Accommodation during the BC Family Day Weekend ranges from luxury hotels to cozy B&Bs. It's recommended to book your stay in advance as places fill up quickly during this peak time.


Kelowna is well-connected by air, road, and rail. Consider car rentals for easy mobility, and remember to book in advance. Public transport, including buses and taxis, are also widely available.

Essential Tips

  • Dress in layers and pack accordingly. Kelowna weather can be chilly in February.
  • Plan your itinerary in advance and book tickets for events that require prior booking.
  • Carry essential items such as ID proofs, first aid kit, snacks, water bottles, etc.


The BC Family Day Weekend in Kelowna, BC, is more than just a holiday. It's an opportunity to spend quality time with your family while experiencing the culture, adventure, and culinary delights this beautiful city has to offer. So, pack your bags and get ready for a memorable weekend.