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Fall Okanagan Wine Festival

Event Details

2024-10-18 to 2024-10-27
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In the BC VQA East, Kelowna and Slopes regions for 2024

October 18-19 and

October 26-27

Two weekends of events including Apres Crush, the TASTE Passport and partner events across the Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys

What is the Fall Okanagan Wine Festival?

The Fall Okanagan Wine Festival is a must-attend event for all wine enthusiasts. This annual event showcases the richness of the Okanagan Valley's winemaking tradition, offering attendees the opportunity to indulge in a broad range of award-winning wines. Moreover, it combines wine with gourmet food, local culture, and stunning landscapes, making it more than just a wine-tasting event.

When and Where

The Fall Okanagan Wine Festival typically occurs in October, celebrating the wine harvest season. The exact dates vary each year, so it's crucial to check their official website for the most current information. The festival takes place at various wineries across Kelowna and the wider Okanagan Valley, each providing unique experiences against breathtaking natural backdrops.

What to Expect

Wine Tasting

There are the countless wine tasting opportunities. Whether you prefer red, white, or rosé, the Okanagan Valley’s wide array of wines guarantees something for everyone. Several wineries also offer vertical tastings, allowing you to compare different vintages of the same wine.

Food Pairings

Experience the perfect marriage of gourmet food and wine at various food pairing events. Expert chefs craft exquisite dishes designed to bring out the unique notes and flavours in each wine.

Workshops and Tours

The festival provides a platform to learn about viticulture and winemaking processes through workshops, seminars, and vineyard tours. Experienced sommeliers and winemakers lead these informative sessions, making them worthwhile for both wine novices and connoisseurs.

Entertainment and Culture

The Fall Okanagan Wine Festival is not all about wine and food. It also celebrates local culture through live music, art exhibitions, and even grape stomping events. Be sure to check the schedule to plan your festival experience to the fullest.

Tickets and Accommodations

Tickets for the festival can be purchased individually for each event or as part of a package. For the best accommodation options, consider booking well in advance, as the festival tends to attract large crowds. Many attendees choose to stay in the wineries themselves, which often offer lodgings with splendid views of the vineyards.

Remember to Plan Your Transport

Many wineries are spread out across the valley, so planning your transportation is crucial. Options include designated drivers, taxi services, or hiring a private wine tour company. Some events also provide shuttle services.