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Kelowna Beer Fest

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2024-05-11 to 2024-05-11 04:00:00
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1600 Abbott St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 1A9, Canada

The Kelowna Beer Fest is a party featuring your favourite breweries, food trucks, games, and local DJs, all just steps from the beach in downtown Kelowna at City Park on May 11th from 4-8 pm. Join for some fun with friends, with over 40 breweries and cideries all in one place 🤯

VIP Experience Highlights:

Private shaded lounge

Complimentary food

Fortune teller

Yummy treats

Beyond Beer extended drink menu with complimentary drink tokens valid at any brewery

Tickets are on their website—no tickets will be sold at the gate.


A Premier Craft Beer Celebration

Get ready to be immersed in a world of unique flavours, hearty food, and entertainment as the city of Kelowna hosts its annual Beer Festival in May. If you're a beer enthusiast, foodie, or simply someone who enjoys good company and quality entertainment, this is an event you don't want to miss.

Location and Dates

The Kelowna Beer Festival takes place in beautiful downtown Kelowna, at the gorgeous City Park, offering splendid views of the Okanagan Lake. This year, the festival is scheduled to run from 4-8pm on May 11.

Festival Overview

The Kelowna Beer Festival is a celebration showcasing over 40 craft beers and ciders. The festival is dedicated to educating beer enthusiasts about the art of brewing, the wide variety of beer styles, and the pairing of food with beer. Every year, the festival welcomes thousands of beer lovers who come to sample a diverse range of brews, meet the masterminds behind their favourite beer brands, and join in the unique activities and experiences that only this festival can offer.

Activities and Entertainment

There's more to the Kelowna Beer Festival than just beer tasting. Attendees can look forward to engaging in interactive events and competitions, such as home brew demonstrations, beer pong tournaments, and live brewing sessions. Music is also an integral part of the festival. With DJ's, the festival is filled with the rhythm and energy of various music genres throughout the day. And let's not forget about the food. Gourmet food trucks and local restaurants partner with the festival to provide an array of delicious culinary treats. These range from traditional pub fare to international cuisines - all perfect for pairing with your craft beer.

Participating Breweries

Kelowna Beer Festival boasts a variety of participating breweries. While the final lineup can change from year to year, attendees can expect representation from notable Kelowna breweries such as Tree Brewing Co., BNA Brewing Co., and Kettle River Brewing Co. This makes the event a great opportunity for beer lovers to discover new flavours and styles.

Tickets and Accommodation

Tickets for the Kelowna Beer Festival are usually available for purchase online a few months before the event. As the festival attracts a high number of attendees, booking accommodation in advance is recommended. Downtown Kelowna has several hotels and vacation rentals within walking distance of the park, providing easy access to the festival venue.

Responsible Drinking

The Kelowna Beer Festival is committed to promoting responsible drinking. Water stations are available throughout the event site for hydration, and it's recommended to consume food regularly. There are also local taxi services and ride-share options for safe transportation. It's crucial to plan your visit and ensure a responsible and enjoyable experience. The Kelowna Beer Festival is undoubtedly a celebration of craft beer culture at its finest. It offers an opportunity to explore the broad and dynamic world of beer, all while basking in the stunning surroundings of Kelowna, BC. So why wait? Mark your calendar, book your tickets, and get ready for an unforgettable journey of flavours and fun!