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Kelowna Spartan Trifecta Weekend

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2024-08-24 to 2024-08-25
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53155 Big White Rd, BC, Canada


If you're contemplating the thrilling Spartan Trifecta Weekend, here's everything you need to know.

What is the Kelowna Spartan Trifecta Weekend?

The Kelowna Spartan Trifecta Weekend is a part of the globally recognized Spartan Race series, a leader in the sport of obstacle racing. The weekend is an endurance event comprising races of varying distances and difficulties: the Spartan Sprint, the Spartan Super, Spartan Beast and the Spartan Ultra. Participants can choose to compete in one, two, or all of the races over the weekend.

Event Details

The event is held annually at Big White Ski Resort just 56 km southeast of Kelowna, located in British Columbia, Canada. Expect to face obstacles like barbed wire crawls, spear throws, rope climbs, and wall jumps. But remember, the Spartan Race isn't just about speed—it's about endurance, strategy, and perseverance. Here are the various categories:

Sprint 5K - 20 Obstacles - $122 Best for Beginners

Super 10K - 25 Obstacles - $132 Best for Teams

Beast 21K - 30 Obstacles - $142 Most Popular * CA National Series

Ultra 50K - 60 Obstacles - $172 Biggest test of the Mind and Body

Kids Race 1-3K + Obstacles - $ 29.99 Best for Family Fun

2024 Trifecta Pass - Race all 3 Distances and save

Finishers will earn a Badass Finisher Medal that can be personalized with a SpartanTab, A trifecta medal wedge piece, a Finisher T-shirt, a free non-alcoholic finisher beverage from Athletic Brewing Company and bragging rights.

Spartan Kids

Spartan Kids is a series of obstacle course races designed to get kids ages 4-14 outdoors, feeling accomplished, and having fun. The races, ranging from 800m to 3.2km, allow kids to run, jump, and tackle obstacles just like the adults. There are three different course distances customized by age group: a 3km Competitive race for ages 9-11 and 12-14, a 3km Open race for ages 9-14, a 1.5km Open race for ages 7-9, and a 1km Open race for ages 4-6. All underage participants must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Each registration includes two complimentary spectator passes per family. Finishers earn a Kids Finisher Medal, a Kids Finisher T-shirt and, of course, bragging rights.

Preparing for the Event

Preparing for a Spartan Race requires a combination of endurance training, strength work, and mental fortitude. It is advised to start training a few months before the race. On race day, you'll need appropriate running shoes, athletic clothing, water, and energy-boosting snacks. If you're taking part in all three races, consider recovery tools such as foam rollers or massage guns.

Wrap Up

Participating in the Kelowna Spartan Trifecta Weekend is more than a test of physical endurance—it's an opportunity to forge personal resilience, build a community, and create unforgettable memories.