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Knox Mountain Downhill

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2024-06-01 to 2024-06-02
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450 Knox Mountain Dr, Kelowna, BC V1Y 9X3, Canada


An Unforgettable June Adventure in Kelowna, BC

The Knox Mountain Downhill in Kelowna, British Columbia, is a spectacle like no other for both residents and visitors alike. Held every June, this thrilling event showcases daredevil skateboarders and longboarders as they speed down Knox Mountain's winding roads. Amid the stunning backdrop of Okanagan Lake and Kelowna's lush landscape, the event is a must-attend for any thrill-seeker or outdoor enthusiast.


The event usually spans two days over a weekend in June, transforming the tranquil Knox Mountain Park into a hub of activity. From seasoned professional skateboarders to passionate amateurs, everyone gets the chance to show their skills. The aim of the participants? To navigate the fast and challenging course in the shortest time, all the while maintaining composure and style.

Experience the Thrill

The course, while thrilling, demands an impressive blend of precision, skill, and courage from riders. With the downhill road dropping approximately 800 feet over 1.8 miles, riders must maintain control while reaching high speeds, making every turn a test of nerve and ability. Spectators can line the course, making the event a community experience where they can cheer on their favourites and share in the adrenaline.