Bakeries & Sweets

A Sweet Tour of Kelowna: The City's Best Bakeries Revealed

An assortment of pastries, including croissants, scones, and danishes, displayed inside a glass case at a bakery.

Welcome to Kelowna, a city where the aroma of freshly baked bread and the allure of delicate pastries create a symphony for the senses. Here, every corner reveals a bakery with its unique charm and specialties.

Sprout Bread

Sprout Bread is great for bread lovers. This bakery stands out not only for its freshly baked bread but also for its exceptional coffee, which has earned it recognition in Kelowna's culinary scene. The bustling atmosphere is a clear indicator of its popularity among locals. The cozy ambiance, combined with top-notch service, makes Sprout Bread a must-visit. Here, the simple pleasure of a pastry and coffee turns into an extraordinary experience.

350° Bakehouse and Cafe

At 350° Bakehouse and Cafe, the aroma of donuts beckons you from afar. This bakery takes pride in its wide array of flavors, from maple bacon to salted caramel. But it's not just about sweets; they excel in custom baking, turning your dream baked goods into reality for any occasion. The Dutch influence is evident in their artisan food and handcrafted beverages, making it a unique stop in Kelowna's bakery scene.

Karat Chocolate and Pastry Boutique

Karat Chocolate and Pastry Boutique is a must-try in downtown Kelowna. The boutique captivates with its marble walls and plush velvet seats, creating an ambiance of elegance and comfort. Their offerings are a feast for the eyes and palate, with supersized croissants and an array of cakes like the Japanese roll cake and Mandarin Almond Cake. The boutique's chocolate creations, from PB & J to Maple and Pecan, reflect their commitment to unique and high-quality treats.

Bliss Bakery - Ellis Street

Bliss Bakery, in downtown Kelowna, is known for its commitment to freshness and quality. Located in the city, it's a bustling spot where tourists and locals converge for a taste of their scratch-made baked goods. With a focus on natural ingredients, free from added chemicals or preservatives, Bliss Bakery stands out as a destination for those seeking authentic, wholesome treats.

COBS Bread Bakery Spall Road

COBS Bread Bakery, situated on Spall Road, is a destination for those with a sweet tooth. Famous for their croissants, scones, and cinnamon loaves, this bakery excels in delivering high-quality sweets coupled with outstanding customer service. The warm, inviting atmosphere makes it a perfect spot for a leisurely break or a quick treat on the go.

Specialty Bakery & Bistro

With over thirty years of history, Specialty Bakery & Bistro on Finns Rd has established itself as a staple in Kelowna's bakery scene. Specializing in traditional breads, pastries, and desserts, they offer a range of options including healthy sourdoughs and gluten-free choices. The family-owned bakery is known for its commitment to quality and a diverse selection that caters to various dietary needs.


Kelowna's bakeries are more than just places to eat; they are experiences that capture the vibe of the city's culinary culture. Each bakery, with its unique specialties and ambiance, invites locals and visitors alike to indulge in a world of flavours and aromas. As you explore Kelowna, let these bakeries be your guide to the city's sweetest spots.