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Adventurous Day Trips from Kelowna

A scenic field with tall grass and wildflowers against a backdrop of mountains and a lake during sunset in Kelowna.


Embarking from Kelowna, there's an abundant selection of adventurous day trips to experience. The city is a gateway to exploration with diverse destinations ranging from picture-perfect vineyards to thrilling outdoor activities, ensuring an enriching escapade for everyone.

Wine Touring in West Kelowna

A mere twenty-minute drive from downtown Kelowna, West Kelowna is a dream destination for wine enthusiasts. The Okanagan offers dozens of wineries scattered across its rolling hills, each providing unique tastings and tours.

The Quail's Gate Winery, one of the oldest family-run wineries, provides visitors with a unique opportunity to stroll through its beautiful vineyard and enjoy a gourmet meal with an enchanting view of Okanagan Lake. If you're passionate about organic and biodynamic wines, the Summerhill Pyramid Winery is an absolute must-visit. It is renowned for its sparkling wines and tours of the iconic pyramid cellar.

Outdoor Excursions in Fintry

Less than an hour's drive north of Kelowna, adventure seekers will find themselves in the midst of truly rugged beauty, which is Fintry Provincial Park. This spot offers a myriad of attractions, from hiking and camping to waterfall viewing.

Hiking enthusiasts can embark on Fintry's challenging trail leading to the stunning Shorts Creek Waterfall. Along the way, they will encounter the intriguing flight of the 400-step grand staircase, a spectacular piece of heritage architecture. For wildlife lovers, the park is an inviting territory with its diverse population of birds, big-horned sheep, and even black bears.

Weekend Market Experience in Penticton

A day trip to Penticton, just an hour's drive south of Kelowna, is incomplete without experiencing the bustling Penticton Farmers Market. Open every Saturday from April through October, stalls come alive with the bright colours, scents, and flavours of locally grown produce and artisan products.

Penticton also offers a vivid art scene. Pay a visit to the Penticton Art Gallery, where contemporary and historical art exhibitions provide a cultural feast.

Skiing and Mountain Biking in Big White

Just under an hour southeast of Kelowna lives Big White Ski Resort. In winter, this snow paradise is a hive of activity, offering an array of outdoor pursuits like skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing, and snowshoeing.

During the summer, Big White morphs into an adventure playground with its bike park. Mountain bikers experience thrilling descents amid balconies of wildflowers while witnessing panoramic views of the Okanagan Highlands and the Monashee Mountains.

Exploring Cultural Heritage in Osoyoos

Two hours south of Kelowna lies Osoyoos, a town filled with cultural heritage. Here, visitors can learn about the rich history and traditions of the Okanagan people at the Nk'Mip Desert Cultural Centre.

Osoyoos also boasts Canada's warmest freshwater lake, making it a popular spot for various water sports. The town is surrounded by desert, offering unique opportunities to explore a rare ecosystem filled with unique plants and animals.


Kelowna's geographical position makes it an ideal base for a variety of day trips. With offerings as diverse as its landscape, the region presents its adventures wrapped with an alluring charm of its own.