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The Ultimate Golf Weekend in Kelowna: Itinerary Ideas

a man hitting a golf ball with a golf club on a golf course near a lake and mountains in the distance at The Harvest Golf Club, Kelowna.
The Harvest Golf Club


Embark on a golfer's dream weekend in Kelowna, a city that harmoniously blends the serenity of lush fairways with the zest of urban life. This itinerary is your ticket to a golf-centric retreat interspersed with culinary delights and entertainment. Prepare for a weekend where every tee-off is a scenic marvel and every evening an exploration of local flavours and festivities.

Day 1:Morning - Golf at The Harvest Golf Club

Your golf adventure begins at The Harvest Golf Club, where the emerald fairways are set against the dramatic backdrop of rolling hills and sparkling lake views. Renowned for its meticulously maintained course, The Harvest offers a golfing experience that is as challenging as it is picturesque. The club's commitment to excellence extends beyond the greens, with exceptional service that makes every guest feel like a member of an exclusive club.

Lunch - The Jammery

Post-round, head to The Jammery for a lunch experience that's quintessentially Kelowna. Renowned for its homemade jams and hearty all-day breakfasts, The Jammery serves up comfort food in a cozy, rustic setting. Don't leave without sampling their famous Eggs Benedict and picking up a jar of their signature jam.

Afternoon - Leisure Time

Spend the afternoon at your leisure. You might opt for a relaxing spa session at your hotel, stroll through Kelowna's charming boutiques, or explore the nearby vineyards, each offering a unique taste of the region's renowned wines.

Dinner - 19 Okanagan Grill + Bar

For dinner, 19 Okanagan Grill + Bar awaits with its upscale casual dining restaurant. It offers a beautiful patio with mountain and lake views. It's quite popular, especially on weekends, so booking in advance is advised. They specialize in dishes made with fresh local produce.

Evening Entertainment - Kelowna Community Theatre

Conclude your day with a cultural touch at Kelowna Community Theatre. Offering a diverse lineup of concerts and live performances, the theatre is a cornerstone of Kelowna's arts scene. Whether it's a local play or a touring musical act, you're in for an evening of entertainment.

Day 2:Morning - Golf at Kelowna Springs Golf Club

Day two tees off at Kelowna Springs Golf Club, a course that combines playability with scenic beauty. Its friendly, accommodating staff and challenging greens make for an enjoyable round for golfers of all skill levels. The course's relatively flat terrain is interspersed with water hazards and sand traps, providing just the right amount of challenge.

Lunch - Quails' Gate Old Vines Restaurant

Lunch at Quails' Gate Old Vines Restaurant is a culinary journey amidst the vineyards. With a menu that showcases locally-sourced ingredients and a view that overlooks rolling vineyards, your meal here is as much about the ambiance as it is about the exquisite food.

Afternoon - Second Golf Round or Local Exploration

The afternoon offers a choice: another round of golf at the stunning Sunset Ranch Golf & Country Club or an exploration of Kelowna's local attractions. Sunset Ranch's narrow, wooded fairways and creek hazards offer a delightful challenge, while the city's galleries and waterfront provide a more laid-back experience.

Dinner - Waterfront Wines Restaurant & Bar

Dinner at Waterfront Wines Restaurant & Bar is a celebration of Kelowna's culinary scene. An award-winning spot, it serves a menu inspired by the season and complemented by an extensive wine list. The restaurant's cozy yet elegant setting is the perfect place to reflect on the day's adventures.

Evening Entertainment - OK Corral Cabaret

Let loose at the OK Corral Cabaret, where the energy of live country music and rock fills the air. Known for its atmosphere and great drink specials, it's a spot where you can dance the night away or simply enjoy the lively scene.

Day 3:Morning - Golf at Black Mountain Golf Club

Your final day begins at Black Mountain Golf Club, a course that challenges and delights in equal measure. With its varied terrain and stunning views, each hole offers a new perspective on Kelowna's natural beauty. The club's friendly staff and well-maintained greens ensure a memorable round.

Brunch - Mission Hill Family Estate Winery's Terrace Restaurant

Conclude your golfing weekend with brunch at Mission Hill Family Estate Winery's Terrace Restaurant. Here, you'll dine amidst the beauty of the winery, with dishes that showcase the rich bounty of the Okanagan Valley. Paired with Mission Hill's exquisite selection of wines, it's a fitting finale to your weekend.

Afternoon - Departure or Additional Activities

As your weekend draws to a close, you may choose to depart or indulge in one final Kelowna experience. Consider visiting local art galleries or taking a scenic drive through the Okanagan Valley. The region's stunning landscapes, dotted with orchards and vineyards, provide a serene backdrop for reflection on your weekend's adventures.

Your golf weekend in Kelowna is more than just a series of rounds; it's an immersive journey through the heart of one of Canada's most beautiful regions. From the lush fairways to the culinary scene and lively entertainment options, Kelowna offers an unparalleled experience for golf enthusiasts and leisure seekers alike. We hope this itinerary inspires you to discover the unique charm and excitement of a Kelowna golf weekend.