Urban Adventure

City Cycling Adventures: Exploring Kelowna on Two Wheels

A person riding a bike on a wooden boardwalk along the waterfront in Kelowna, surrounded by trees and calm water.

Imagine gliding along scenic paths, the breeze whispering through the trees as you pedal effortlessly. Kelowna, with its expanding network of bike lanes and paths, offers an enchanting urban cycling experience. Whether you're meandering along the scenic waterfront or navigating the bustling city streets, Kelowna caters to cyclists of all levels with its blend of natural beauty and urban convenience.

Bike-Friendly Routes in Kelowna

Exploring Kelowna's Vast Cycling Network

Kelowna's commitment to cycling is evident in its impressive infrastructure, boasting approximately 300 kilometres of on-street bike lanes and 40 kilometres of separated, multi-use pathways. The iconic Okanagan Rail Trail exemplifies this, offering a safe and accessible route​. With these diverse paths, cyclists can immerse themselves in the city's varied landscapes, from active urban areas to tranquil lakeside views.

Navigating Through Nature and City

The city's shared pathways, spanning over 35 kilometres, welcome not just cyclists but also pedestrians, skateboarders, and even e-scooter enthusiasts. These shared spaces, including the bustling downtown Waterfront Pathway, provide a harmonious blend of urban and natural elements. For those seeking a more protected experience, Kelowna's separated bike lanes and paths, like those on Ethel Street and Abbott Street, offer a secure barrier from vehicular traffic​. Additionally, the two-way protected bike lanes, such as those on Sutherland Avenue, ensure a safer, more comfortable ride for cyclists traveling in both directions​.

Bike Rental Options in Kelowna

A Variety of Rental Options

Kelowna's array of bike rental options caters to every type of cyclist. If you're looking for an e-bike to conquer the hilly terrains or a family-friendly bike for a leisurely ride, the city has you covered. Kelowna Bike Rentals provides mountain, city, and adaptive bikes. e-bikes, city hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes, adaptive bikes, tandem bikes, and kid attachments. For those near downtown, Lakefront Sports Centre offers e-bikes, mountain bikes and trailers. Families can head to Myra Canyon Bike Rentals to rent for the trail​.

Cycling Safety Tips for Urban Environments

Key Safety Principles

When cycling in Kelowna, safety is paramount. Adhering to the basic safety principles such as knowing the rules of the road, maintaining your bike, and ensuring visibility is crucial. These guidelines are not just for your safety but also for the safety of others sharing the road​.

Navigating Shared Pathways and Roads

In shared spaces, cyclists should be mindful of their surroundings, keep to the right, and pass on the left, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all pathway users​. On the road, wearing a CSA-approved helmet is not only a legal requirement in BC but a sensible choice for head protection. Bright clothing and reflective gear, along with front and rear lights, are essential for visibility, especially during night rides. Planning the safest routes and being alert and defensive while riding will further enhance your cycling experience in Kelowna​.


Kelowna's cycling scene offers an incredible opportunity to explore the city's charm on two wheels. The fusion of safety, convenience, and natural beauty makes Kelowna an ideal destination for cycling enthusiasts. Remember, safety and preparedness are key to ensuring a delightful and memorable cycling adventure.