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Kelowna's Street Art Scene: A Self-Guided Tour of Urban Murals

a mural on the side of a building with a wolf and a
Hotel Zed Kelowna

Kelowna's urban landscape is a canvas, alive with vivid murals that are not just artworks but stories painted on public walls. These street murals, an eclectic mix of history, culture, and imagination, offer a unique way to experience the city's creative spirit.

The Purpose and Beauty of Street Art in Kelowna

Street art in Kelowna goes beyond mere aesthetic appeal; it is a powerful form of urban storytelling. Each mural, a splash of colour and creativity, brings to life the city's ethos. Last summer, UBC Okanagan fine-art students added to this narrative, creating a stunning mural of a salmon in downtown Kelowna. This artwork not only beautified the alley off St. Paul Street but also celebrated local heritage and community spirit.

These murals serve as cultural landmarks, transforming ordinary spaces into open-air galleries. They reflect the city's diverse character and foster a sense of communal pride. As you walk through Kelowna's streets, each mural you encounter is a window into the city's soul, narrating stories of its past, present, and aspirations.

Featured Murals and Artists

Fripp Warehouse (Kelowna History Mural)

The Kelowna History Mural at Fripp Warehousing is a panoramic view of the city's rich past. Created by artist Eric Blais, this mural weaves together significant elements of Kelowna's heritage. From the legendary lake monster Ogopogo to a nod to the Kelowna Rockets, this mural is an encapsulation of local history and folklore.

Hotel Zed

The Hotel Zed mural, crafted by The Clandestinos, is a vivid representation of urban art. Situated in an alleyway, this mural complements the hotel's eclectic vibe with its bright, bold colours and abstract designs. It's a perfect example of how street art can enhance the character of a commercial space.

Kettle River Brewing

At Kettle River Brewing, artist Ben Arcega has transformed the brewery's exterior into a visual treat. This mural is an artistic addition and a perfect backdrop for visitors enjoying a relaxed afternoon with a pint in hand.

Knox Mountain Market

The Knox Mountain Market mural is a heartfelt tribute, painted by Okanagan Murals. It tells a personal story, adding an intimate touch to the public space. This piece is a reminder of the personal connections and stories that murals can encapsulate.

Exploring the Murals: A Self-Guided Tour

Embarking on a self-guided tour of Kelowna's street art is an adventure in urban exploration. Each mural location offers a different facet of the city's artistic identity. To navigate this colourful maze, the interactive mural map created by CTQ Consultants is an invaluable resource. This digital guide not only pinpoints the exact locations of the artworks but also provides fascinating factual information about each piece.

As you follow the map through Kelowna's streets, you'll uncover unique art and popular masterpieces alike. The experience is akin to a treasure hunt, with each mural discovery offering a unique visual and emotional experience.

The Future of Street Art in Kelowna

The street art scene in Kelowna is dynamic and ever-evolving. Local artists, including David Doody who designed the colourful salmon mural, continue to contribute to the city's public art landscape. Doody envisions Kelowna growing as a cultural capital for public art murals, a vision supported by the ongoing additions to the city's collection.

This summer, new murals will further enrich Kelowna's streets, each a fresh canvas telling another chapter of the city's story. As each new artwork is added, CTQ’s mural map will be updated, ensuring that the self-guided tour remains a relevant and engaging experience for both locals and visitors.


Kelowna's street art is an expression of the city's heart and creativity. These murals offer a unique lens through which to view Kelowna, one that is vibrant, diverse, and deeply connected to its community. As you wander the city's streets, let these urban masterpieces guide you through Kelowna's culture and history.