Cycling Seasons: Year-Round Bike Experiences in Kelowna

Person riding a mountain bike on a trail with a scenic view in the background.

With over 300 km of bike lanes and more than 60 km of separated pathways, Kelowna boasts the most extensive bicycle network for a city of its size in Canada. From urban explorations to epic mountain trails, Kelowna’s cycling scene is as diverse as it is stunning, offering year-round biking experiences for every level of rider.

Spring and Summer: Trails Awaken

As the snow melts and the landscapes of Kelowna burst into vibrant life, the city’s trails beckon cyclists of all ages and skills. Whether you’re a family seeking a gentle ride or a mountain biking enthusiast craving a challenge, Kelowna’s trails in spring and summer offer something for everyone. For families, trails like the Glenmore Highlands and the Mission Creek Greenway offer easy and scenic rides through nature. The Kelowna Waterfront Trail is a particular favourite, weaving through the city with breathtaking lake views. Experienced riders can find their thrills at Knox Mountain Park or on the challenging routes of Gillard and Myra-Bellevue Park. Rose Valley’s ever-evolving trails are a magnet for eager, early-season riders, offering singletrack adventures amidst stunning vistas.

Fall: The Changing Colors

Fall in Kelowna brings a spectacle of colours, and there’s no better way to experience this than cycling through the Kettle Valley Rail Trail. The 12-kilometer ride (each way) between Myra and Ruth Stations is particularly enchanting in mid-to-late October. Here, cyclists can marvel at the brilliant yellow of larch trees against a backdrop of green pines and the blue of Okanagan Lake. This historic trail, with its 18 wooden trestles and two tunnels, offers not only a visual feast but also a journey through the region's railway history. For those seeking this experience later in the season, remember to arrange your bike rentals, as Myra Canyon Bike Rentals operates through to October​.

Winter: Fat Biking Adventures

Winter in Kelowna transforms the biking scene with the introduction of fat bikes, designed to navigate snowy terrains. Big White’s backcountry opens up new realms with its fat bike trails, perfect for both skiers and non-skiers to explore the beauty of the snow-covered landscapes. Trails like Trapping Meadows wind around the mountain, offering a unique winter biking experience. The Kettle Valley Rail Trail section in Myra Canyon remains a popular destination even in winter, challenging experienced fat bikers with its 24-kilometer trail. The tranquility of Kelowna’s winter trails offers a peaceful respite from the bustling ski slopes, making it a perfect getaway for those seeking solitude and natural beauty.

Year-Round Biking Infrastructure

Kelowna’s commitment to biking is evident in its infrastructure, which caters to cyclists throughout the year. The extensive network of bike lanes and separated pathways makes urban biking a joy, while the variety of offroad trails caters to both beginners and expert riders. This infrastructure supports the ever-changing biking experiences in Kelowna, ensuring that whether you’re weaving through the city or tackling a mountain trail, the journey is always smooth and enjoyable.

Kelowna’s cycling seasons offer a unique blend of urban and natural experiences, making it a paradise for cyclists. From the gentle blooms of spring to the golden hues of fall, and even into the serene whites of winter, Kelowna’s trails provide a year-round adventure.