Family Cycling Adventures: Kid-Friendly Bike Paths in Kelowna

a scenic view of a mountain with a bridge on its side and a forest on the other side

Kelowna’s Expanding Bike Path Network

Kelowna’s commitment to fostering a cycling-friendly environment is evident in its extensive network of bike lanes and paths. The city boasts about 300 kms of on-street bike lanes and 40 kms of separated paved multi-use paths, offering families a variety of safe and scenic routes to explore.

Featured Kid-Friendly Bike Paths

Waterfront Pathway, Downtown

The Waterfront Pathway is for families looking to combine cycling with scenic beauty. This easy 2 km trail offers stunning views of Okanagan Lake and leads to the Rotary Marshes wildlife park, where sightings of herons, beavers, and eagles are common. The path's amenities, including playgrounds, picnic tables, and washrooms, make it ideal for a leisurely family outing​.

Okanagan Rail Trail

For a more adventurous ride, the Okanagan Rail Trail is a perfect choice. This trail is part of the city's extensive bike path network, providing families with a safe and accessible cycling experience. Its length might seem daunting, but the trail offers smaller, manageable sections that are ideal for families. From viewing birdlife at Carney Pond to enjoying the playground and lake views at Kekuli Bay Provincial Park, there's something for everyone along this path​.

Mission Creek Greenway

Mission Creek Greenway offers a delightful blend of nature and recreation. This 16 km trail ranges from easy to moderate in difficulty, suitable for family cycling. Along the path, you'll find playgrounds, picnic tables, and wheelchair-accessible facilities, making it an inclusive option for families. The greenway's shaded paths provide a cool retreat on warm days, and its crushed gravel surface is ideal for a smooth ride​.

Houghton Road and Cawston Avenue Pathways

For families in the Rutland area, the Houghton Road Active Transportation Corridor (ATC) is a great option. It's a part of the city’s primary ATC network, offering a high-quality walking and cycling facility that connects the Rutland neighborhood to the Okanagan Rail Trail and beyond. The Cawston Avenue pathway in downtown Kelowna, another family-friendly choice, is fully separated from vehicular traffic and includes a turf boulevard and street trees, enhancing the urban cycling experience.

Myra Canyon Trestles: A Unique Family Adventure

The Myra Canyon Trestles stand out as a unique cycling destination. Perched 915 metres above Kelowna, this part of the Kettle Valley Rail Trail offers a 12-km one-way ride on a packed gravel trail with flat wooden trestles. The trail’s gentle grade is perfect for young cyclists and can accommodate bike trailers for the little ones. As you cycle over 18 trestle bridges and through two tunnels, the stunning views of Myra Canyon and Kelowna are truly unforgettable​.


Kelowna's diverse array of bike paths offers something for every family looking to explore the city on two wheels. From the tranquil shores of Okanagan Lake to the historic trestles of Myra Canyon, these paths provide safe, fun, and accessible cycling adventures. So, grab your helmets, pack a picnic, and set out on a family cycling journey through Kelowna's most scenic routes.