Dance the Night Away: Kelowna's Premier Dance Clubs and DJ Scenes

a group of people standing in front of a building at night with the word distrkt lit up on the side of the building.
Distrikt Nightclub

Kelowna's nightlife pulses with energy, offering a diverse array of dance clubs and DJ spots that cater to every taste and style. If you're in the mood for hip-hop, electronica, country, or blues, the city's eclectic scenes promise a night of unforgettable dancing and music.

The Evolution of Kelowna's Nightlife

The transformation of Kelowna's nightlife embodies the city's dynamic spirit. Gone are the days of the old Flashbacks dance club, replaced by fresh, innovative venues like the BNA Brewery and Distrikt Nightclub. This change has brought a renewed vibrancy to the city, turning Kelowna into a year-round party destination. Thanks to the influx of students from the UBC Okanagan campus and a booming population, the city's nightlife thrives in every season, bustling with activity and energy.

Distrikt Nightclub

Located at 275 Leon Ave, Distrikt Nightclub sets the standard for Kelowna's dance clubs. Catering to a younger crowd, it's the perfect spot for those looking to enjoy a night of high-energy fun. The club features themed nights, a roster of local and international DJs, and a music mix that includes booming bass electronica and hip hop. With its chic private lounge area and pulsating dance floor, Distrikt offers an unforgettable clubbing experience.

OK Corral Cabaret

For country music enthusiasts, the OK Corral at 1978 Kirschner Rd is a must-visit. Known for its lively dance floor and live country and rock music, this club attracts an all-ages crowd. The venue is famous for its great drink specials and talented 2-steppers, making it a unique spot in Kelowna’s nightlife tapestry.

The Blue Gator

The Blue Gator, at 441 Lawrence Ave, is the city's renowned blues bar. It offers a stage for live bands and a dance floor that welcomes a mixed-age audience. The Blue Gator is a classic blues bar where live performances take centre stage, creating a relaxed yet lively atmosphere for both dancing and listening.

O’Flannigan’s Pub

O’Flannigan’s Pub, located at 319 Queensway, is Kelowna’s go-to Irish pub. It's a bar with heart, offering live music, pool, and darts. The pub creates a welcoming atmosphere, making it a great find for those seeking a lively yet cozy night out.

BNA Brewing Co.

Since opening in 2016, BNA Brewing Co. at 1250 Ellis St has quickly become one of Kelowna’s most popular spots. The venue also offers a full food menu, two bars, occasional live music, and a unique 10-pin bowling alley. The atmosphere is cozy and pub-like, with exposed beams, long tables, and even taxidermy adorning the walls. It's a place where friends can gather for a night of fun, games, and good cheer.

Friends of Dorothy

Friends of Dorothy, at 315 Lawrence Ave, stands out as the Okanagan’s first LGBT2Q+ cocktail lounge. With a blend of Louis XIV and punk chic decor, it offers an eclectic mix of experiences from karaoke to drag shows, and burlesque performances. The venue invites patrons to hit the dance floor in their ruby slippers, enjoy upscale bites, and sip artisan cocktails in a unique, inclusive environment.


In conclusion, Kelowna's dance clubs and DJ scenes offer a rich blend of experiences, each unique in its way. From the energetic beats of Distikt to the country vibes of OK Corral and the inclusive atmosphere at Friends of Dorothy, there's something for everyone in Kelowna's bumping nightlife.