Kelowna After Dark: A Guide to the City's Nightlife

A gathering of people at BNA Brewing in Kelowna during the evening with string lights hanging above and a BNA sign illuminated on the brick building.
BNA Brewing

As night falls, Kelowna transforms into a pulsating hub of nocturnal activities. Its dynamic nightlife caters to a wide range of tastes, from high-energy clubs and casinos to cozy bars, late-night eateries and other unique experiences. As the city buzzes with tourists in the summer and remains lively throughout the year, thanks to a growing population and the university crowd, there's always a new adventure to embark on after dark in Kelowna​.

Nightlife Hotspots

Downtown and North End Entertainment District

In Kelowna, the nightlife scene is best captured in the downtown core and the North End's Entertainment District. Here, the streets are lined with an array of bars, clubs, and pubs, each offering a distinct flavour of entertainment​.

Top Bars to Visit

Kelowna's bars are as diverse as they are inviting. BNA Brewing Co. & Eatery stands out with its extensive selection of craft beers and spacious setting​. For those seeking a traditional Irish atmosphere, O’Flannigan’s Pub is the go-to spot, offering live music and a lively ambiance​. Bernie's Supper Club & Cinema offers a unique blend of dinner and movie experience, perfect for a relaxed evening​.

Premier Clubs in Kelowna

When it comes to clubs, Kelowna knows how to keep the energy high. Distrikt Nightclub is perfect for party-goers, known for its electrifying music and themed night. OK Corral Cabaret offers a country vibe with live music and an exciting dance floor​. The Blue Gator, with its focus on blues and a mixed-age crowd, brings a different rhythm to Kelowna's club scene​.

Unique Nightlife Experiences

Rooftop Bars

The city's rooftop bars provide stunning vistas combined with exquisite dining experiences. EARL’S KITCHEN + BAR is a notable mention for its scenic overlook and diverse menu​. CRAFT Beer Market's rooftop patio is great for beer enthusiasts, boasting a selection of over 100 brews​.

Late Night Eateries

Kelowna's culinary scene thrives after dark, catering to various tastes. The Canadian Brewhouse & Grill is a popular choice for its classic bar and grill offerings. For pizza lovers, places like Your Buddy's Pizza serve up quick, delicious bites late into the night​.


Kelowna's nightlife is a mix of experiences, with something for everyone. From dancing the night away in trendy clubs to savouring late-night snacks at cozy eateries, Kelowna after dark is a world waiting to be explored. Embrace the night and let Kelowna's energy guide your adventures.