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Discovering Kelowna's Best Hiking and Biking Trails

a woman is standing on a balcony overlooking a lake and a city with a mountain in the background in Kelowna

Kelowna is known for many things, but most prominently, its variety of hiking and biking trails. Unveiling an impressive blend of sceneries and landscapes, these trails pave the way to discovering the sheer beauty of Kelowna.

Understanding Kelowna and Its Trails

Kelowna, along the shores of Okanagan Lake, pulls nature enthusiasts from all walks of life. Steeped in stunning landscapes and saturated in a temperate climate, Kelowna paves the way for both leisurely walkers and avid bikers. These trails lay among many graceful hills, tranquil meadows, lush wine valleys, and majestic forests. With different seasons adding a distinct touch of colour and emotion, the Kelowna trails offer a unique experience each time one decides to tread on them.

Kelowna’s Top Biking Trails

1. Myra Canyon Trestles

Hands down, one of Kelowna's most popular biking trails is the Myra Canyon Trestles. This flat path stretches for 12 kilometres along the historic Kettle Valley Railway. While biking through the 18 trestle bridges and 2 tunnels, riders get a breathtaking view of Myra Canyon, with its countless riveting ravines and steep cliff sides.

2. Mission Creek Greenway

The Mission Creek Greenway, a 16.5-kilometre trail that stretches along Mission Creek, is a favourite among local bikers. Cyclists of all levels enjoy this trail for its flatness, making it an excellent choice for families or casual rides. While biking, you can enjoy lush forests, open grasslands, and a close peek at Kelowna's unique local wildlife.

3. Smith Creek Trail System

For those who seek the thrill of mountain biking, Smith Creek Trail System provides an exhilarating journey. Comprising various side trails with different levels of difficulty, it offers a blend of steep climbs, exciting drops, and tight turns - a recipe for a heart-pounding adventure!

Discovering the Best Hiking Trails in Kelowna

1. Knox Mountain Park

With several trails to choose from, Knox Mountain Park is a local favourite when it comes to hiking. The Apex Trail, in particular, offers panoramic vistas of Okanagan Lake and the city of Kelowna. Knox Mountain Park promises enchanting views and invigorating experiences.

2. Mount Boucherie Rush Trail

For an earnest workout with a reward that includes panoramic views of the Okanagan Valley, the Mount Boucherie Rush Trail is a recommended choice. This challenging uphill hike leads to the summit of a dormant volcano, where you can take in the 360-degree view of pure natural magnificence.

3. Bear Creek Provincial Park

Bear Creek Provincial Park offers a variety of trails suitable for hikers of all skill levels. Its Waterfall hiking trail stands out for its relaxing and scenic route along the creek, culminating in a beautiful waterfall view. Along the path, hikers can also enjoy Kelowna’s diverse local flora and fauna.


Kelowna's assorted hiking and biking trails provide an escape for everyone – from casual walkers to experienced cyclists. Its tracks offer glimpses of its majestic beauty while allowing one to bask in the lap of nature, providing a unique experience that's certain to leave an everlasting impression. Kelowna’s trails are a mesmerizing spectacle waiting to be discovered.