Winter Activities

Discovering Kelowna's Ice Skating Spots

A couple enjoys ice skating together on an outdoor rink under string lights, with trees and a few people in the background.
Tourism Kelowna/Danika Lee

When the winter chill descends upon Kelowna, the city transforms into a wonderland for ice skating enthusiasts. From glistening outdoor rinks set against stunning landscapes to cozy indoor arenas offering a respite from the cold, Kelowna's skating rinks are as diverse as they are delightful. Let's glide through the best of these icy retreats, where both seasoned skaters and first-timers can find their perfect slice of winter joy.

Outdoor Ice Skating Rinks

Stuart Park Ice Rink

In downtown Kelowna, alongside the serene lakeside, Stuart Park Ice Rink emerges each winter as a picturesque skating spot. This outdoor rink, open daily from the early hours of morning until late at night, invites you to glide under the open sky, free of charge. Remember to bring your own skates and helmet, or rent them on-site if you need. Beginners can find support with skating bars, and the rink's proximity to the city's offerings makes it an ideal stop during a day of exploration. Just be mindful of the weather's whims and check the rink's maintenance schedule before planning your visit.

Big White Ski Resort Rink

Imagine skating on Canada's highest outdoor rink at the Big White Ski Resort. The Olympic-size rink offers ample space for leisurely skating or a spontaneous game of hockey. As the day fades, the rink lights up, creating a magical night skating experience. Beyond the ice, you can warm up with a hot beverage at the Happy Valley Day Lodge or gather around a bonfire lit every evening. With skate, helmet, and hockey stick rentals available, all you need to bring is your sense of adventure.

Brewer’s Pond at SilverStar Mountain Resort

Skating around an island on a natural pond at Brewer’s Pond is nothing short of enchanting. The pond, set within SilverStar Mountain Resort, is large enough for both figure skaters and hockey enthusiasts. Beside the rink, an outdoor fire beckons you to warm up between laps, and the adjacent Tube Town offers fun snow tubing experiences. With an on-site rental shop, you can easily get equipped for your skating adventure.

Indoor Ice Skating Rinks

Capital News Centre

The Capital News Centre, located on Gordon Drive, is a spot for indoor ice skating lovers. With public skate sessions available, it's a place where families, friends, and solo skaters can enjoy the ice regardless of the weather outside. The rink offers skates for rent and requires online registration for its leisure rink public skate sessions. Remember, helmets are a must for young skaters, ensuring safety as they find their feet on the ice.

Rutland Arena

Over at Dodd Road, Rutland Arena welcomes skaters of all ages and abilities. Here, public skating sessions merge with a community feel, offering a warm and inviting atmosphere. The arena provides skates, helmets, and even skate sharpening services for a nominal fee, making it a convenient option for a spontaneous day on the ice. With family-friendly admission rates, it's an ideal spot for a budget-friendly family outing.

Memorial Arena

For those who prefer to bring their own skating gear, Memorial Arena on Doyle Avenue is your go-to rink. It hosts public skate sessions, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of indoor skating. The arena's atmosphere is perfect for both practicing your moves and leisurely rounds around the rink, offering a classic skating experience in the city.


Kelowna's ice skating scene is as varied as it is vibrant. These places not only provide a space for physical activity but also a chance to create lasting memories. So, lace up your skates, step onto the ice, and discover the joys of skating in Kelowna's winter wonderland.