Winter Activities

Embracing Winter Activities in Kelowna

A person walks through a snowy landscape on a snow-covered wooden bridge surrounded by snow-covered mountains and trees.
Thompson Okanagan/Matthew Clark


Who said the fun concludes with the end of the summer? As the world becomes a winter wonderland marked by snowy peaks and sparkling icicles, Kelowna transforms into an enchanting jewel. The seasonal change brings with it a multitude of activities that appeal to all age groups. From snow-capped mountains offering majestic skiing opportunities to dazzling ice festivals to holiday markets gleaming under twinkling lights, winter in Kelowna promises to leave you with a flurry of unforgettable experiences.

Embrace the Chilly Thrill: Skiing and Snowboarding

As the snow begins to fall and the landscape is swathed in white brilliance, adventure seekers of all ages can access a world of excitement. Kelowna is surrounded by renowned ski resorts such as Big White Ski Resort and Apex Mountain Resort that attract skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts from around the globe. The vast terrains are perfect for those looking to perfect their carving skills or attempting their first descent.

Have a Flurry of Fun: Snowshoeing and Tobogganing

Not a ski enthusiast? No problem. Other enjoyable activities like snowshoeing and tobogganing can satisfy your winter adventure appetite while offering stunning panoramic views of the Okanagan landscape. Snowshoe tours are available for groups and individuals of all skill levels, and the added bonus of lower impact means it's a terrific way for older and younger family members to join in on the winter fun.

Intimate Winter Sightseeing: Horse-Drawn Sleigh Rides

For a more intimate and relaxed winter activity, consider taking a horse-drawn sleigh ride through lush meadows blanketed with snow. Cloaked under warm blankets, you can take in the splendid views of winter sunsets and shimmering lakes and perhaps even spot some local wildlife. This experience is particularly congenial for couples seeking romantic results, but it's also a delightful excursion for anyone appreciating the winter’s breathtaking charm at a slower pace.

Redefining Ice Entertainment: Ice Skating

Ice skating is a winter staple, and Kelowna offers several rinks throughout the city for recreational skating. For visitors and locals of all ages, Stuart Park Outdoor Ice Rink is an essential destination, particularly when the sun sets and the area illuminates with festive lights creating a magical ambiance. If you don't carry your skates, fret not. Rental services are readily available.

Winter Indulgences: Food, Wine, and Craft Beer

Relishing in comfort food is another winter pleasure. Indulge in Kelowna's diverse culinary scene, from hearty soups in cozy bistros to impeccable vine dining experiences at vineyards wrapped in a blanket of snow. Moreover, Kelowna's wine route is open year-round, offering tastings and tours that warm your spirit. Local craft breweries and distilleries also offer winter-themed beverages that are worth a try, taking Kelowna's gastronomy run in winter up a notch.

Anything But a Winter Hibernation

Embracing winter in Kelowna is anything but a seasonal hibernation. It's about immersing oneself in the rhythmic falling of the snowflakes, the joyful screams accompanying a downhill sled ride, and the peaceful hush that only a snow-carpeted landscape can inspire. Regardless of age and interests, the winter season in Kelowna offers many activities, from adrenaline-filled outdoor sports to relaxed culinary experiences. So bundle up, step outside, and begin your winter fairy-tale in this Canadian paradise.