Experience the Magic of Winter Sports in Kelowna

a man and a child on skis standing in front of a sign with directions to different skiing locations
Big White Ski Resort


When winter drapes the landscape in white, Kelowna transforms from a delightful summer retreat to a wonderland for adventure-seeking winter sports enthusiasts. Those seeking an unparalleled winter sports experience have an array of choices in Kelowna that combine seasoned offerings of snow-covered mountains, pristine lakes, and exceptional facilities.

Unforgettable Skiing and Snowboarding

When the topic of winter sports in Kelowna arises, the spotlight inevitably falls on downhill skiing and snowboarding. Big White Ski Resort, a quick 55-minute drive from downtown Kelowna, ensnares ski zealots from all over the globe. With 118 designated trails and 16 lifts, this ski resort offers a diverse palette of downhill opportunities for both novice and experienced skiers.

Enchanting Snowshoeing and Cross-Country Skiing

For those who appreciate quieter winter pursuits, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are stand-out activities in Kelowna. In the serene embrace of the Okanagan Valley, you can appreciate nature’s extravagance as you traverse through glistening snow.

From virtually tiptoeing over the snow on snowshoes to making your way on skinny skis, Kelowna’s trails promise nature-filled escapades. Explore the 75 km marked trail network in Kelowna Nordic Ski and Snowshoe Club, or bask in the panoramic views of Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park; either way, the opportunities are endless.

Invigorating Ice Skating on Frozen Lakes

No winter vacation in Kelowna would be complete without experiencing the simple joy of ice skating on one of the numerous frozen lakes. Although there are plenty of maintained skating rinks in the city, it's the feeling of slicing through ice in the great outdoors that makes this sport extraordinary.

Stuart Park, in the city centre showcasing views of Okanagan Lake, is one of the most frequented spots. You can find both locals and tourists skating in harmony whilst basking in the stunning backdrop that Kelowna winters offer.

Lakeside Ice Fishing

For those looking for a unique experience, ice fishing stands as a charming winter pastime. Idabel Lake and Shannon Lake are renowned for their ice fishing opportunities. Here, you can live the thrill of drilling into the ice and patiently wait for your catch, surrounded by the breathtaking snow-blanketed ambience. Winter trout is often the coveted catch, and on a good day, fishing enthusiasts can relish in the thrill of a big catch.

Wrap Up

The magic of winter in Kelowna is undeniably etched in its diverse and comprehensive offering of winter sports and activities. Regardless of your skill or experience level, this destination promises something for everyone. From adrenaline-pumping downhill skiing to the tranquil pastime of ice fishing, it's a winter wonderland that captivates every visitor.

Kelowna welcomes you to experience the charm and magic it wraps itself in every winter. It's about time to strap on your boots, embed your feet into the skis or pullover that snug winter jacket and absorb the magic and charm of Kelowna in winter.