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Exploring Kelowna's Agricultural Roots: Visiting Local Farms

a couple of old tractors parked in the woods next to a forest of pine trees and a man standing next to one of them at Wiseacre Farm Distillery in Kelowna.
Wiseacre Farm Distillery


Behind the undeniable charm of Kelowna lies a rich history of agricultural roots, with local farms forming an essential part of the city's identity. If you're planning a visit, exploring Kelowna’s agricultural heritage by visiting local farms presents an intriguing adventure that touches the corners of gustatory delight and educational fulfillment.

Kelowna's Agricultural Industry

Renowned for its seasonally fruitful ambiance, the fertile lands of Kelowna have been cultivating food for thousands of years, even predating European settlement. Established upon the conventional territories of the Syilx, also known as the Okanagan People, agriculture forms the backbone of Kelowna. Nowadays, home-grown fruits, vegetables, and grains are still admired as culinary stars, adorned across menus of local restaurants and cafes.

A Farm-Hopping Journey in Kelowna

Starting from lush orchards to sprawling vineyards and family-run ranches, Kelowna indoctrinates you in the joy of food production and farm life. Here are some recommendations that provide an authentic glimpse into Kelowna’s long-standing farming culture.

1. Visit the Lush Orchards

Kelowna is famously known for its bounty of fresh fruits, which you can experience first-hand by visiting the local orchards. Paynes Orchards, for instance, welcomes visitors to stroll around, picking ripe cherries, peaches, or apples depending on the season. The orchard also affords visitors the opportunity to learn about fruit-growing techniques and sustainable farming practices.

2. Venture into Vineyards

Given the Okanagan Valley's prestigious designation as a prime wine country, visiting at least one winery is a must when you're in Kelowna. Explore the renowned Mission Hill Family Estate Winery to witness the journey from vine to bottle while basking in the panoramic views of the valley. Excellence is evident in each drop of wine produced here, reflecting the dedication and passion embedded into every grapevine strewn across the farm.

3. Experience the Rustic Family Farms

Family farms, like the Kangaroo Farm and Don-O-Ray Farm Adventure, give visitors a glimpse of rustic country life. These farms house different varieties of farm animals and offer activities such as petting zoos, a maze and nature walks. Learning about animal care and the intricacies of running a farm can be an enriching experience for both children and adults alike.

4. Taste Honey from Local Apiaries

Kelowna’s varied agricultural scene also features several apiaries that specialize in honey production, such as the Arlo's Honey Farm. Reap the sweet benefits of beekeeping by testing different types of honey, learning about pollinators, and experiencing a honey farm in operation.


Embarking on the agricultural exploration of Kelowna transports you to the city's roots, illustrating the values of sustainability, hard work, and passion for nature. The farms of Kelowna welcome visitors to participate in their story, immersing themselves in authentic experiences that pair education with pleasure on your palate. By the end of your visit, you will not just gain an understanding of agriculture, but a new-found appreciation for the beauty and bounty of the land.