Exploring Kelowna's Agricultural Roots

Fresh produce for sale at the Summerland
Kari Medig


Known for its perfect blend of urban scenes amidst nature's glory, Kelowna remains one of the most visited spots in Canada. Winding vineyards, sun-kissed orchards and surrounding farms bestow upon the city a rustic, romantic charm that is simply irresistible. But there's more to Kelowna than just its natural beauty, for it is deeply rooted in an agricultural history that has shaped its modern landscapes and culinary cultures. One such manifestation of this agricultural heritage is the thriving 'farm-to-table' culture in Kelowna. Now, more than ever, farmers, local markets, restaurants, and end-consumers in the city are committing to implementing and upholding this sustainable lifestyle.

Understanding the Farm-to-Table Concept

Farm-to-table is a concept in the food world that advocates for using locally sourced, fresh ingredients harvested directly from farms, minimizing the path that ingredients take from where they grow to dining tables. This practice supports local farmers, promotes organic farming methods, reduces the carbon footprint by reducing transportation distances and ensures that food consumers are served up the freshest fare possible.

In Kelowna, the farm-to-table culture is a lifestyle, a commitment, and a heritage handed down through generations. The vision of sustainable living and consumption is realized at every level of the food supply chain, right from the farmlands to local markets and from the kitchen of eateries to the plates of patrons.

Kelowna's Agricultural Celebrations

Kelowna’s agricultural resources have always been its pride and joy. The rich, fertile soil is perfect for a broad spectrum of produce, resulting in numerous farms and orchards in the region. An exciting way it displays its rich history is through the regular farmer's markets. The Kelowna Farmers’ and Crafters’ Market is one such spot where consumers can directly connect with local farmers and artist vendors, leading to a healthy exchange of resources, stories and camaraderie.

Apart from the markets, the city hosts annual festivals celebrating the harvests, including the renowned Okanagan Wine Festival and the Feast of Fields Festival. These events help showcase local wines, culinary finery, artisan crafts, and locally grown produce on an expansive scale, further deepening the roots of the farm-to-table culture.

Food Experiences that Bring the Farm to Your Table

Many delectable eateries in Kelowna owe their authentic recipes to the farm-to-table culture. Craftsmanship and culinary innovativeness paired with an unending supply of the freshest local ingredients are what make Kelowna’s restaurants some of the best.

Farm-to-table staples in the city include The Salt & Brick, notable for its ever-changing menu based on local ingredients availability. Restaurants like Waterfront Wines, Bouchons Bistro, and Mission Hill Family Estate Winery are other places where you can experience Kelowna's commitment to sustainable eating.


In a world that is rapidly becoming conscious of healthier and sustainable living, Kelowna is a city that leads by example. Its commitment to preserving and promoting a locally-sourced lifestyle is a demonstration of the importance of its agricultural roots. They are about both sustaining local farming traditions and are equally a bid to a healthier lifestyle and a more sustainable future.