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Exploring Kelowna's Best Antique Shops

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Among antique lovers and treasure seekers, Kelowna is a place to discover antique shops. Be it a passionate collector or merely an enthusiastic traveler who is interested in relics of the past, the city's extensive range of antique shops provides something for everyone.

Unpacking the Appeal

Antique shopping, at heart, is an opportunity to explore the past while revelling in the joy of discovering a treasured artifact or a precious memento. Kelowna's best antique shops allow visitors to traverse the corridors of history and appreciate the timeless creations of various eras. There's a thrill associated with finding something unique, preserved from a time long ago, that's undeniably charming. Fortunately, Kelowna does not fall short in offering this excitement.

Taylor's Antiques

Taylor's Antiques, located in the Okanagan Valley, has been a cornerstone of the antique market in Kelowna since 1994. This well-established business specializes in buying and selling a wide array of antiques, vintage items, and collectibles. Over the years, Taylor's Antiques has built a reputation for curating exceptional collections that include everything from elegant furniture and delicate glassware to unique paintings and retro memorabilia. Owner Mark Taylor offers expert appraisals and estate liquidation services, ensuring that each piece's historical and monetary value is preserved. The shop's commitment to quality and personal service has made it a favourite among collectors, designers, and local businesses in the area

Artista Art & Antiques

Artista Art & Antiques, located in downtown Kelowna, is the perfect place for those interested in art, antiques, and vintage collectibles. This charming store offers a diverse selection of items, including estate jewelry, watches, china, coins, used books, art glass, and mid-century home decor. In addition to selling these unique pieces, Artista also provides consignment services and free appraisals, making it a convenient destination for both buyers and sellers. The store showcases artworks by local artists, further enriching Kelowna's exciting cultural scene. Artista Art & Antiques offers a welcoming atmosphere and a variety of treasures to discover

Antoni's Antiques & Collectibles

Antoni's Antiques & Collectibles is a well-known destination for antique enthusiasts. This shop offers a diverse selection of authentic and timeless pieces, ranging from vintage collectibles and heritage items to one-of-a-kind antiques. Known for their superior customer service and competitive pricing, Antoni's prides itself on sourcing and curating unique items that reflect the rich history and charm of bygone eras. The store operates by appointment, ensuring personalized service for those seeking to add distinctive pieces to their collections​

Rutland Community Flea Market

The Rutland Community Flea Market showcases an array of objects from different time periods. Visitors can find everything from antique jewelry to old books, vintage postcards, retro furniture, and peculiar curios. One can spend hours browsing and hidden away among the eclectic mix of objects, you may hit the jackpot by discovering a valuable or scarce item. This market poses an open invitation to anyone who delights in the thrill of a good find.

Honing your Antique Shopping Skills

To make the most of your antique shopping experience, consider doing a bit of research beforehand. Having some knowledge about different time periods and their distinctive artistic styles can significantly enhance your treasure-hunting game. Moreover, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Most antique shop owners in Kelowna are passionate about their collections and well-versed in their merchandise’s history. Talking to them can offer a wealth of information.


Kelowna, with its collection of antique shops, is a paradise for collectors and lovers of the past. Each store offers a unique relic from bygone days to anyone willing to search. Hunting for unique treasures, or just love the thrill of discovery, Kelowna's antique shops will undoubtedly satiate your quest. The city embraces the old as proudly as it ushers in the new, making it an antique hunter's paradise.