Golfing Through the Seasons: Year-Round Golf in Kelowna

a grassy field with a lake in the middle of it and a mountain in the distance with clouds in the sky at Predator Ridge Golf Resort in Vernon
Predator Ridge Golf Resort


In Kelowna, golf is a year-round celebration under the sun. With over 2,000 hours of sunshine annually, Kelowna has earned its title as the "Palm Springs of Canada," offering one of the longest and driest golf seasons in the country. From the gentle blooms of spring to the crisp air of autumn, each season here brings its unique flavour to the game, making Kelowna a golfer's paradise throughout the year.

Spring Golf in Kelowna

As the frost thaws and nature awakens, Kelowna's golf courses come to life. The onset of spring marks the beginning of an eagerly awaited golf season. The early arrival of warmer weather sets perfect conditions for golfers eager to shake off the winter rust. With 19 courses dotting the landscape, each offering a distinct challenge from easy-going fairways to those that test your mettle, the choice for spring golfing is as diverse as the blooming landscapes surrounding them.

The spring season in Kelowna is a time of renewal, both for nature and for golf enthusiasts. The courses, freshly pruned and manicured, become alive with the colours of spring. This is the time to gather your friends, pack your clubs, and hit the greens, where the mild temperatures and the gentle sun create an idyllic setting for a round of golf.

Summer Golfing Experience

As summer unfurls its warmth over Kelowna, the days stretch longer, offering ample time for golfers to indulge in their passion. The semi-desert climate of the region contributes to extraordinary golfing conditions, where the game is as integral to Kelowna's character as its stunning lake and lush vineyards. The courses, from those among towering pines to those with rolling fairways offering panoramic lake views, cater to every golfer's dream.

This season is characterized by sunny days and clear blue skies, creating perfect conditions for those who love to bask in the warmth while enjoying their game. Golf in Kelowna during summer is not just about the sport; it's about experiencing the beauty and bounty of the region. From courses that border vineyards to those overlooking Okanagan Lake, each round of golf is a journey through Kelowna's natural splendours.

Fall Golfing: A Season of Comfort

When the leaves begin to turn, and the air gets a crisp edge, golfing in Kelowna takes on a new charm. Fall here is a golfer's delight with average temperatures lingering at a comfortable 21 degrees in September, dipping gently to 14 degrees in October. These cooler conditions are ideal for golfers who find the summer heat a tad overwhelming. The fall season also brings with it stunning sunsets, providing a backdrop for a meal after a fulfilling round of golf.

This season allows golfers to enjoy the freedom of dressing comfortably for the weather, be it in shorts and a short-sleeve shirt or a cozy jacket and pants. The moderate temperatures also mean you can play more golf without the fatigue that often comes with summer's intense heat. Fall in Kelowna is a time of serene beauty, where the courses are adorned with autumnal hues, adding a visually appealing quality to every game.

Winter Golfing: An Unconventional Experience

Winter in Kelowna breaks the stereotype of golf being a fair-weather sport. Depending on the region's snowfall, some courses remain open much later than usual, offering an unprecedented golfing experience. Shadow Ridge Golf Club, for instance, extends its season well into December, allowing golfers to enjoy their favourite sport even in the cooler months so long as there is no snow. This season offers a different kind of charm, with crisp air and the quiet, peaceful ambiance of the courses, providing a unique golfing experience that contrasts sharply with the bustling, warm rounds of summer.

Golf Courses Suited for Each Season

Kelowna's golf courses are as varied as the seasons themselves. In spring, golfers can enjoy the rejuvenated landscapes of courses like The Harvest Golf Club, where blooming gardens enhance the golfing experience. Summer calls for courses like Black Mountain Golf Club, where the serene atmosphere and stunning views offer a respite from the heat. As fall rolls in, courses like Kelowna Golf & Country Club become a dream for golfers, with its stunning settings and proximity to downtown Kelowna for post-golf dining. And in winter, Shadow Ridge Golf Club stands out as a unique destination for those looking to extend their golfing season.


In Kelowna, golf is a year-round journey through changing landscapes and diverse experiences. From the first bloom of spring to the quiet, cool days of winter, each season offers its unique charm, making the city a true golfer's dream. The golf courses of Kelowna invite you to indulge in the game amidst some of the most breathtaking scenery Canada has to offer. So, grab your clubs and embark on a golfing adventure that defies the boundaries of seasons.