Innovations in Golf: How Kelowna is Embracing New Golfing Technologies

a red and white ball and a white and black racket on a green field with a tree in the background at Michealbrook Golf Course, Kelowna
Michealbrook Golf Course


Golf, a sport with a deep-rooted tradition, is currently experiencing a revolution in technology. Explore the latest advancements in golf technology, and how Kelowna, a city known for its dynamic golfing community, is incorporating these innovations into its courses and training facilities.

Technological Advancements in Golf

The world of golf is witnessing a surge in technological innovations, each aiming to enhance the playing experience. Among these advancements are augmented reality glasses like PuttView X, which visualize putting paths on actual greens, revolutionizing how golfers approach one of the game's most challenging aspects. Customizable rangefinders, such as the Precision Pro NX10, offer golfers a personalized distance-measuring tool, tailored to their preferences. Zen's Green Stage and Swing Stage have brought the game indoors with realistic slopes, providing an unparalleled simulation experience. The Power Tee system, simplifying practice with its automated teeing, is changing the way golfers practice. For those seeking a more personal ride, Vantage Tag’s SR-1 single-rider carts offer a lightweight, tech-packed option. Lastly, OnCore Golf’s i-Roll smart golf balls track vital data like velocity and spin, offering feedback essential for improvement.

Kelowna’s Adoption of Golf Technology

In Kelowna, the adoption of these cutting-edge technologies is reshaping the golfing landscape. A new proposed indoor facility, Golf Evolution, offers golf simulation, coaching and instruction, golf gear maintenance, and partnerships with local schools.

At Tower Ranch Golf Club, a focus on personalized coaching incorporates technology into training, offering programs that cater to each golfer’s unique needs, including video review, mental training, and other techniques. Similarly, The Okanagan Golf Club’s GBC Golf Academy provides various instruction programs, utilizing modern tools to enhance the learning experience for players of all skill levels.

Impact on Golfers and the Local Golf Scene

The impact of these technologies on golfers’ technique and performance is profound. High-speed cameras, launch monitors, and pressure-sensitive mats provide detailed swing analysis, leading to improved technique and performance. Wearable tech like smartwatches and fitness trackers offer insights into performance and health, transforming training and overall well-being. This technological integration is a new paradigm, offering golfers in Kelowna and beyond an opportunity to experience the sport in a more informed, efficient, and enjoyable way.


The integration of these innovative technologies in Kelowna’s golf scene is an example of the city’s commitment to evolving with the sport. From augmented reality to smart golf balls, these advancements are making the game more accessible, enjoyable, and insightful for players at all levels. Kelowna's golf courses and training facilities are at the forefront of this revolution, setting a standard for how technology can enhance the timeless game of golf.