How to Create a Bird Watching Spot in Your Kelowna Home

A black and yellow bird perched on a bare branch against a clear blue sky.


Kelowna provides an extraordinary arena for bird watching enthusiasts all year round. Given its diverse ecosystem, you could be privy to the colourful spectacle of Western Tanager, American Redstart, or perhaps the rare sight of a Bald Eagle passing through. Creating a home bird watching spot in your Kelowna residence is not only an opportunity to connect with nature at a deeper level but introduces a whole new way to chill out and unwind right at home.

The Basics of Building Your Bird Watching Spot

Regardless of the size of your garden or whether or not you have a green thumb, anyone can establish a flourishing bird watching spot. The key thing here is to meet the birds’ basic needs:


Supplying birds with food consistently will draw them to your garden. To ensure a wide variety of species, consider using different types of feeders and food. For instance, tube feeders with sunflower seeds attract finches and siskins. Suet feeders will lure in woodpeckers and nuthatches. Oriole feeders with nectar, jelly, or oranges would be a feast for Orioles. Scatter some seeds on the ground to please those species comfortable on the ground like mourning doves and quails.


A fresh and steady water source is vital. It can be as simple as a bird bath or as elaborate as a water fountain. Keep the water clean and fresh. In winter, a heated bird bath would be acting as a magnet for avian creatures.


Birds need shelter from predators and bad weather. Your garden should include a variety of plants – deciduous trees, conifers, tall shrubs and grasses – to provide ample hiding spots. Nesting boxes can also serve as a refuge and a breeding place for birds like swallows, chickadees or bluebirds.

Maintain a Bird-friendly Environment

Equally significant as providing the essentials – food, water, shelter – is the overall maintenance of a bird-friendly environment. Avoid using pesticides and herbicides as these can sicken or kill birds directly, destroy insects birds feed on and poison water sources. Letting your garden go a bit wild would be appreciated by birds since it would mean more insects and seeds for them to feast on.

Know Your Local Bird Species

An additional aspect to consider in your planning is the local bird species you might typically encounter in Kelowna. According to Wild Birds Unlimited, some of the usual birds you might observe include Northern Flickers, Mountain Chickadees, Stellar Jays, Red-breasted Nuthatches as well as Western Tanagers. Knowing this allows you to customize your garden space to cater more specifically to these types of birds.

Record and Learn from Your Observations

Remember to keep a local bird guide and some binoculars handy. Jotting down your observations can help you recognize patterns about when certain birds are active or what species come often to your garden. Over time, you'll be amazed at how many different species you can identify and how much you've learned about their behaviours.


Creating a bird watching spot in your Kelowna home is a delightfully rewarding endeavour that brings nature to your doorstep. Not only does it provide a sanctuary for various bird species, but it also offers you a stress-relieving outlet that develops your knowledge and admiration of the local avian life. With careful planning and a stable commitment, you'll soon have a throng of feathered friends to share your morning coffee with.