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Kelowna’s Best Family Beaches: Sun, Sand, and Fun

A beach in Kelowna with people relaxing on the sand, swimming in the water, and trees providing shade.

Kelowna’s shores are full of sun-kissed sands and family fun. These beaches are not just about the gentle lap of Okanagan Lake against the shore; they are places where families can bask in the joy of sun, sand, and a host of amenities. Each beach in this beautiful city offers its unique charm, making every visit a new adventure.

Boyce-Gyro Beach Park

Boyce-Gyro Beach, affectionately known as Gyro Beach, is perfect for families. Its extensive sandy expanse and marked swimming area make it a safe and enjoyable spot for everyone. Kids can indulge in the playground, while the adults can engage in sand volleyball or table tennis. Not just limited to land activities, the beach also offers various water sports equipment for rental. From standup paddleboards to kayaks, there's no shortage of aquatic adventures here. And if you're looking to just relax, the grassy picnic area under the shade of large trees offers a perfect respite​.

Rotary Beach Park

A little down Lakeshore from Boyce-Gyro, Rotary Beach Park offers a more secluded experience. Ideal for water sports enthusiasts, the beach provides opportunities for kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, pedal-boarding, and more. Families can enjoy the sandy beach and buoyed-off swimming area, while shaded and grassed picnic areas provide the perfect spot for a leisurely lunch. The playground and trails add to the allure, ensuring there's something for every family member to enjoy​.

Bertram Creek Regional Park

For those seeking tranquility, Bertram Creek Regional Park is not to be missed. This 18-hectare park features a boat launch, dock, pebble beach, and an array of walking trails. It's a serene spot for bird watching and connecting with nature. Picnic tables and playing fields offer ample space for family activities, while the outdoor amphitheatre and pavilion add a unique touch to this scenic location​.

Strathcona Beach Park

Strathcona Beach Park, in a quiet neighbourhood near the hospital, is ideal for those seeking a peaceful beach day. The small field and tall oak trees provide a beautiful backdrop to the sandy beach and children's playground. Amenities like public washrooms, picnic tables, and large grassy areas make it a comfortable and convenient choice for families. Additionally, its location along a popular bike route makes it an accessible choice for a diverse range of visitors​.

Hot Sands Beach

In Kelowna’s City Park, Hot Sands Beach is a lively destination. The expansive sandy beachfront is complemented by large fields and grassy knolls, offering a variety of spots for picnics and relaxation. The playground and multi-purpose sports courts are perfect for active families, while the nearby waterpark promises hours of fun. This beach encapsulates the energetic summer scene of Kelowna, complete with universally accessible washrooms and locker facilities​.

Waterfront Park

One of Kelowna’s busiest summer beaches, Waterfront Park, is full of activity and natural beauty. Accessible via a scenic wooden boardwalk, it features a range of amenities, including a take-out stand for snacks and treats, a large public washroom, and a paved area for bikes and scooters. The adjacent Rotary Marsh Bird Sanctuary offers a chance to observe local wildlife, making it a perfect spot for nature enthusiasts and families alike.

Paul’s Tomb

For adventure-seeking families, Paul’s Tomb is a sure to visit. Located within Knox Mountain, this secluded beach offers a unique experience with its rocky shore and clear waters, ideal for kayaking and paddleboarding. The area is also known for its diving spots and intriguing rock formations. Trails like the Lochview Trail present stunning views of the lake and valley, adding to the allure of this historic location​.

Kelowna’s beaches are more than just stretches of sand; they are energetic, family-friendly destinations. Each beach, with its unique character and array of amenities, promises a memorable experience.