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Kelowna's Indoor Activities: Escaping the Cold

a bowling alley with multiple lanes and a mural featuring an astronaut and the Statue of Liberty on the wall at McCurdy Bowling Centre in Kelowna.
McCurdy Bowling Centre

When the chill of winter descends on Kelowna, the city transforms into a place for indoor adventurers and culture enthusiasts. Whether you're a local seeking refuge from the frosty air or a visitor looking to explore beyond Kelowna's renowned natural landscapes, the city's indoor offerings are as diverse as they are delightful.

Indoor Sports and Recreation

Bowling with a Twist at McCurdy Lanes

Imagine a place where cosmic lights meet the crash of bowling pins, where families gather for a playful competition, and where french fries are as abundant as laughter. McCurdy Lanes is this very place, a bowling alley where both 5-pin and 10-pin games cater to all skill levels. Adding to its appeal, Freddy’s Brew Pub on site offers a relaxing spot for the adults, serving up local pints in a family-friendly environment.

Climbing New Heights at Beyond the Crux

For those looking to add some adrenaline to their indoor activities, Beyond the Crux is a your spot. This climbing gym welcomes climbers of all ages and abilities to scale its walls. Offering both harness climbing and bouldering, it's a place where you can challenge yourself, learn new skills, or simply have fun in a safe and supportive environment.

Museums and Educational Activities

Discovering Kelowna Museums

Kelowna Museums offer a blend of history, culture, and interactive fun. With programs like 'Curiosity Bugs', visitors can learn about the mysteries of dinosaurs, reptiles, and the fascinating history of Okanagan Lake. This is a place where being an animal detective is not only encouraged but celebrated.

A World of Books at Okanagan Regional Library

The Okanagan Regional Library in downtown Kelowna is a sanctuary for book lovers. Whether you're escaping into a fantasy world, uncovering history, or participating in a community games night, the library's vast collection and programming make it a perfect for readers and social butterflies alike.

Indoor Fun and Games

Mini-Golf Adventures at Scandia’s Indoor Jungle Golf

Scandia’s Indoor Jungle Golf takes the classic game of mini-golf and transports it into an imaginative indoor jungle. Navigate through pirate ships and ghost towns as you putt your way to victory. This thematic course offers a fun twist on golf, making it an enjoyable activity for all ages.

Laser Tag Excitement at Planet Lazer

Planet Lazer offers a high-energy escape where players can immerse themselves in a neon-splattered battlefield. This 6000 square foot arena transforms the game of laser tag into a thrilling, real-life video game experience. It's an ideal spot for those who love strategy, excitement, and a bit of friendly competition.

Cultural and Artistic Venues

Kelowna Art Gallery: A Creative Hub

In Kelowna's Cultural District lies the Kelowna Art Gallery. This gallery showcases a variety of local, national, and international exhibitions. Its public programs cater to all ages, making it a perfect spot for art enthusiasts and casual visitors alike.

Rotary Centre for the Arts: A Community of Creativity

The Rotary Centre for the Arts is a cornerstone of Kelowna's artistic scene. Housing studios for artists, musicians, dancers, and actors, it's a bustling centre where creativity thrives. The Mary Irwin Theatre within the Centre, along with the nearby Kelowna Community Theatre, hosts a wide range of performances, enriching Kelowna’s cultural landscape.

Shopping and Culinary Experiences

Explore and Indulge

Kelowna's indoor experiences extend to shopping and culinary adventures. The city's shops offer a variety of goods, from local crafts to international brands, ensuring a delightful shopping experience. For wine enthusiasts, Kelowna's indoor winery experiences provide a cozy, flavourful escape from the cold.

Special Events and Exhibitions

Kelowna's Calendar of Cultural Celebrations

Throughout the year, Kelowna hosts a range of events and exhibitions. From captivating art exhibits to engaging cultural festivals, there’s always something happening in the city. These events offer a chance to experience the community spirit of Kelowna, even when the temperatures dip.


Kelowna’s indoors are as inviting as its outdoor landscapes, offering a world of activities and experiences to enjoy, regardless of the weather. From sports and recreation to arts and culture, there’s something in Kelowna for everyone to explore and enjoy, making those colder months not just bearable, but truly exciting.