Events & Festivals

Kelowna’s Charity Events and Galas in Winter

Kelowna is a hub of charitable activity during the winter months. This season is marked by a series of events and galas that not only bring joy and festivity to the community but also significantly contribute to various noble causes.

Charity Events That Warm the Heart

In the lead-up to the holidays, Kelowna's community spirit shines brightly through events like the Tree of Dreams Kelowna Christmas Market on December 4-5, Manteo at Eldorado Resort. This market is more than just a shopping destination; it's a festive gathering now indoor and outdoor where local artisans and vendors come together to support the community. Visitors can expect a wonderland of unique crafts and holiday treats, perfect for those special Christmas gifts, all while contributing to a charitable cause.

Another heartwarming event is the Giving Back Holiday GIFT Drive Event on December 5 at the Okanagan coLab hosted by Chic Creative Community. This event invites attendees to bring gifts and donations, spreading joy and warmth to those less fortunate during the festive season. It’s an example of the community’s generosity and a direct way to make a difference in someone's holiday.

A highlight of the season is the Have a Dickens of a Holiday! Literacy Fundraiser on December 9 at The View Winery & Vineyard. Organized by Project Literacy, this fundraiser supports literacy programs for immigrants and refugees, making it a truly meaningful event. Guests are treated to a festive atmosphere, fine wines, and the knowledge that their participation helps provide essential education services.

The whimsy and magic of the holidays come to life with the Nutcracker Regional Tour at the Mary Irwin Theatre on December 20. This enchanting ballet is a seasonal favourite that captivates audiences of all ages. It's not just a performance; it’s a celebration of local talent and a contribution to the arts in Kelowna.

Galas That Glitter in the Winter Night

Winter galas in Kelowna offer elegance and entertainment, all for a good cause. The Carolily's Holiday Fundraiser on December 14 at Lakesider Brewing is a perfect example. This event, in support of Mamas for Mamas, blends luxury and charity, offering an evening of exquisite taste and social responsibility.

For sports enthusiasts, the Kelowna Crows Junior Awards Banquet and Christmas Party on December 16 at Sts Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church is a festive gathering that celebrates young athletic talent while fostering a sense of community and philanthropy.

Art lovers will revel in The Barbershoppe Presents: A Kelowna Film Studio Christmas Art Gala on December 15. Held at the Kelowna Film Studio, this gala showcases the lively local art scene and film talent, providing a platform for artists and supporting the creative community.

Bringing a splash of colour and inclusivity, the Living Positive New Years Drag Show on December 30 at Grizzli Winery is an event that celebrates diversity. It’s an inclusive gala that supports local charities and brings together people from all walks of life.

Conclusion: A Season of Giving and Joy

Kelowna’s winter charity events and galas are not just about entertainment; they’re a reflection of the city's spirit of generosity and community involvement. Each event, whether it’s a festive market or an elegant gala, contributes to a cause, making the season of giving a reality in Kelowna. These events offer residents and visitors alike a chance to celebrate, connect, and contribute to the greater good, making the winter season in Kelowna truly special.