Kelowna's Craft Cider Scene: The Perfect Summer Refreshment

A tree filled with lots of red and yellow apples next to a forest filled with lots of green and red leaves in Kelowna.

Introduction to Kelowna's Craft Cider Scene

Kelowna is a paradise for food and drink enthusiasts, known not only for its award-winning wineries but also for its thriving craft cider scene. Over the past few years, Kelowna has embraced the art of cider-making, fostering a scene that embodies community spirit, local sourcing, and next-level creativity.

The Rise of Craft Cider in Kelowna

Craft cider, or artisanal cider, has seen a meteoric rise in the Canadian market, especially in regions rich in apple orchards like Kelowna. Craft cider producers are guided by a respect for traditional cider-making methods, while also pushing boundaries with innovative trends. As a result, the craft cider scene in Kelowna is more diverse than ever.

Kelowna's microclimate provides optimum conditions for apple cultivation, which acts as the backbone of the craft cider industry. The abundance of different apple varieties allows Kelowna's cider makers to experiment with unique blends and flavours, resulting in refreshingly crisp and flavourful ciders that stand apart from mass-produced varieties.

Diversity and Originality: Hallmarks Of Kelowna's Craft Cider

The craft cideries in Kelowna offer a range of ciders to suit every palate. From time-honoured classics to summer-friendly flavours such as peach, pear and cherry, the diversity and originality of the craft cider spectrum in Kelowna are astounding.

Scenic Road Cider Co., for instance, produces small-batch ciders using apples harvested from their orchards. Their 'Dry Apple' cider is known for its crisp, tangy bite, while the 'Nearly Dry' offers a lightly sweetened alternative.

Similarly, BC Tree Fruits Cider Co. makes premium hard cider from 100% BC fruit picked from their own orchards. Their product range runs the gamut from traditional apple cider to innovative creations such as the rose cider, a unique blend of cider.

Experiencing Kelowna's Cider Culture

Kelowna's cider culture is something that needs to be savoured firsthand, and many cider houses present ample opportunity for this.

At Truck '59 Ciderhouse, you can soak in views of the beautiful Okanagan Lake while sampling their range of ciders from dry to sweet. The summertime patio experience, complete with delicious ciders and gorgeous views, is tough to beat.

Or visit The View Winery, where the charming orchard setting promises a memorable cider-tasting experience. The View’s signature ciders include the effervescent "Wards Winter Spice" and the stellar "Wards Pickers Hut Premium" with flavours that burst with green apple and Bartlett pear.

Summing Up Summer with a Glass of Craft Cider

Summer in Kelowna is synonymous with the enticing aroma of ripening orchards, the sound of cider bottles popping open, and the feel of the cold, refreshing beverage trickling down parched throats. The city is truly a cider lover's paradise, with the range and quality of craft ciders setting the bar high for artisanal drinks.

Kelowna's craft cider scene is a perfect example of how a community can come together to procure, innovate, and celebrate local produce. The city's producers take immense pride in their craft, and it shows in their products.

Head to Kelowna this summer to quench your thirst and your craving for exploration – one craft cider at a time.