Kelowna's Off-the-Beaten-Path Bike Routes

A train trestle bridge stretches across a forested canyon in Kelowna, with green hills and a cloudy sky in the background.

Biking enthusiasts often seek new trails to conquer, and Kelowna, with its diverse terrain and stunning landscapes, offers some of the most captivating yet lesser-known routes in British Columbia. Cycle through a world of scenic beauty and adventurous paths less traveled.

Kettle Valley Rail Trail

Cycle through history on a trail that weaves through some history of British Columbia. The Kettle Valley Rail Trail, is a remnant of the early 20th century. Starting in Hope and stretching to Castlegar, this 492 km trail is a journey through time and nature. Cyclists are treated to awe-inspiring mountain vistas and verdant valleys. The trail, with options of both paved paths and more challenging gravel routes, suits cyclists of varying skills, offering everyone a chance to bask in Canada's spectacular wilderness. The max grade is 2.2%, so it is an approachable intensity for most cyclists.

Myra Canyon Trestles

Perched 915 meters above Kelowna, the Myra Canyon Trestles are an architectural marvel. This route is more than a bike trail; it's a journey through history and natural splendour. The trail comprises 18 trestles and 2 mountain tunnels, rebuilt after the devastating 2003 Okanagan fire. As you pedal along, you're engulfed in breathtaking views of the entire Okanagan region. Suitable for all cycling levels, the Myra Canyon Trestles are a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the essence of Kelowna's natural beauty.

Lakeshore Road

Lakeshore Road offers a serene and picturesque biking experience. This route, hugging the shores of Okanagan Lake, is perfect for a leisurely afternoon ride. Cyclists can enjoy stunning views of the lake and admire some of Kelowna's finest properties. The road is flat and welcoming to cyclists of all levels, including those preferring cruiser bikes or e-bikes. The journey is further enhanced by the charming shops and restaurants of Pandosy Village, inviting riders to take a pleasant break along the way.

Southeast Bench

The Southeast Bench route, spanning 14 km, is a must-try for those who love a bit of challenge. Starting near the Mission Creek Golf Club, this loop takes cyclists through a series of ups and downs, offering an exhilarating ride. The route winds past orchards and vineyards, encapsulating the essence of Kelowna’s rural charm. For those who prefer a little assistance on the challenging parts, e-bikes are an excellent option, allowing you to fully enjoy the bucolic scenery and the proximity to several renowned wineries.

Okanagan Rail Trail

The Okanagan Rail Trail, a 52 km path connecting Kelowna to Vernon, is a cyclist's dream. This trail showcases the natural beauty of the Okanagan Valley, passing by three majestic lakes and various attractions, including craft breweries, food stops, and irresistible beaches. The trail is flat and accessible, making it ideal for family outings or leisurely rides. As you pedal, the trail offers panoramic views of jewel-toned lakes and the iconic Okanagan scenery, featuring rounded bluffs and dense forests of ponderosa pine.

Crawford Trails

For the adventurous at heart, the Crawford Trails in Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park offer an exciting escape. This network of 156 km of multi-use trails winds through an otherworldly burnt forest, a landscape shaped by a fire in 2003. The trails vary in difficulty, and there are numerous access points, with the largest parking lot at the end of Stewart Road East. The network can be complex, so utilizing navigation apps is recommended for exploring this maze of trails.

Knox Mountain Park

Just a short distance from downtown Kelowna, Knox Mountain Park offers a diverse range of trails. From fast, twisty descents with jumps to gentler, beginner-friendly trails, this park caters to all levels of bikers. Trails like Paul’s Tomb and the Kathleen Lake Loop offer stunning views of Okanagan Lake and downtown Kelowna, making them a perfect choice for those who want a blend of urban and natural scenery.

Rose Valley Regional Park

Rose Valley Regional Park in West Kelowna is a must-do for mountain bikers seeking challenging terrain. The park's steep, technical trails wind through an extraordinary landscape of volcanic cliffs, sweeping grasslands, and dense woodlands. Trails like the Turkey Vulture Loop provide peaceful rides and remarkable views of downtown Kelowna, ensuring a memorable experience for every cyclist.


Kelowna's array of off-the-beaten-path bike routes offers something for every type of cyclist. From historic trestle paths to challenging mountain trails, these trails provide an unparalleled opportunity to explore the natural beauty and diverse landscapes of this region.