Kelowna's Spas: Personalized Pampering and Care

a pile of black rocks sitting on top of a white blanket next to candles and a towel on top of a table at Amora Day Spa in Kelowna
Amora Day Spa

A unique realm of relaxation and rejuvenation awaits; the city's boutique spas offer an exclusive escape, catering to those who seek a more intimate and personalized spa experience. From tranquil environments to bespoke treatments, these spas stand as oases of tranquility, inviting guests to indulge in unparalleled pampering.

The Wellness Spa

The Wellness Spa, located in central Kelowna, embraces a holistic approach to well-being. It's a sanctuary where each treatment, from the hot stone massages to deep cleanse facials, is an example of the spa's commitment to total wellness. The infrared sauna is particularly noteworthy, offering a unique sensory experience. Clients frequently commend the spa's pedicures, noting the exceptional skill and attention to detail that elevate a simple treatment into a luxurious indulgence.

Beyond Wrapture

Adjacent to the Coast Capri Hotel in downtown Kelowna, Beyond Wrapture awaits. This spa is a favourite for its vinotherapy treatments, utilizing the enriching properties of grapes and wine. The uniqueness lies in the innovative therapies and the length of their treatment packages, some extending up to five hours like the Cloud Nine package which offers a truly immersive experience. Guests often comment on the relaxing atmosphere, complemented by the knowledgeable and welcoming staff, making it an ideal retreat for those seeking an innovative and extensive spa day.

Namaste Day Spa

Namaste Day Spa stands out for its commitment to organic treatments. The spa offers a 'half-day' package, which includes a customized organic facial, a sixty-minute massage, and a pedicure complete with nail care and a sea salt scrub. Clients rave about the 90-minute facials, describing them as transcending expectations and leaving them feeling exceptionally relaxed and rejuvenated.

Forest Spa (Tality Wellness)

A short drive from downtown Kelowna, the Forest Spa by Tality Wellness offers an experience that's quite literally out in the open. This private booking only spa is surrounded by towering pines and breathtaking mountain views; a unique setting for relaxation. Amenities include a wood-burning sauna, cold plunges of varying temperatures, and a heated seating area, creating an atmosphere akin to a rustic cabin retreat. Unlimited kombucha on tap and hot tea add to the experience, making it ideal for those seeking an unconventional and nature-immersed spa day.

Talking Tree Day Spa

In central West Kelowna, Talking Tree Day Spa presents a comprehensive range of services including massages, facials, and manicures, among others. The spa is renowned for its array of package options, which combine various treatments for a holistic spa experience. Their signature 'Head to Toe' package, offering a full body massage, feet treatment, facial, and manicure, is particularly popular.


Kelowna's boutique spas are sanctuaries where personal care and attention to detail reign supreme. Each spa, with its unique treatments and intimate atmosphere, invites guests to step away from daily life into a world of serene indulgence. If you're seeking a holistic wellness experience, an innovative therapy session, or a nature-immersed retreat, these spas offer an exclusive gateway to relaxation and rejuvenation. Embark on a journey of discovery through Kelowna's boutique spas and find your personal place of tranquility.