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Mastering the Slopes: Advanced Ski and Snowboard Techniques in Kelowna

A person downhill skiing a steep hill at Big White Ski Resort
Blake Jorgenson

Kelowna is a winter sports paradise, offering a diverse array of slopes and conditions perfect for those looking to elevate their skiing and snowboarding skills. From the champagne powder of Apex Mountain Resort to the expansive terrains of Big White and Silver Star, each resort near Kelowna presents unique challenges and opportunities for advanced skiers and snowboarders. Here we review the techniques, strategies, and local insights necessary to master the advanced slopes of Kelowna’s ski resorts.

Perfecting Advanced Techniques

Ski Techniques

Advanced skiing in Kelowna's resorts calls for a diverse skill set. At Big White Ski Resort, for instance, you will find a mixture of 22% expert and 6% extreme runs, challenging even the most seasoned skiers​. Perfecting carving is essential for precise turns, especially in the steep and varied terrain. Apex Mountain Resort, with its 54% advanced/expert runs, is an ideal playground for mogul skiing, demanding quick reflexes and strong technical skills.

Snowboard Techniques

Snowboarders can experience the thrill of carving and edging on the diverse terrain of SilverStar Mountain Resort, with its steep slopes and glades. The resort's dry, champagne powder also demands proficiency in high-speed riding and navigating steep slopes, as seen in Apex Mountain Resort​​. Here, mastering the art of riding switch is not just a skill but a necessity for tackling the challenging terrains.

Terrain Mastery

Advanced skiers and snowboarders in Kelowna are spoilt for choice with a variety of terrains. The glades and open bowls at Apex Mountain Resort offer an unparalleled off-piste experience. Meanwhile, Big White’s TELUS Terrain Park provides an excellent platform for freestyle skills, with its series of jumps and tricks designed for advanced riders​.

Freestyle Skills

To master the art of freestyle, one must understand the intricacies of airtime and trick execution. The terrain parks, like those at Big White, offer perfect conditions for honing these skills. Learning to execute jumps, twists, and grabs demands both physical prowess and a vast understanding of snow conditions and personal limits.

Physical Conditioning and Off-Season Training

The importance of physical conditioning cannot be overstated. Activities like skateboarding and balance board training in the off-season keep snowboarding muscles in shape​. Skiing and snowboarding demand a strong core and flexibility, essential for maintaining balance and control on the slopes.

Equipment Considerations

Choosing the right equipment is crucial for advanced skiing and snowboarding. Snowboarders at Sun Peaks Resort, for instance, need gear that can handle its expansive 4,270 acres of skiable terrain, including groomers, glades, and open bowls​. Expert advice from local ski shops or peer-to-peer rental platforms like can ensure the right fit for every individual​.

Mental Preparation and Strategy

Advanced skiing and snowboarding are as much about mental strength as physical. Techniques like visualization and positive self-talk are vital when facing the steep chutes of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort or the challenging terrains of Silver Star​. A strong mindset helps overcome fear and enables skiers and snowboarders to push their limits safely.

Learning from the Experts

Even seasoned riders can benefit from expert guidance. Advanced lessons at resorts like Big White or Apex can provide valuable insights into refining skills and exploring new techniques​.


Kelowna and its surrounding ski resorts offer a winter sports experience like no other. There's an adventure waiting for every advanced skier and snowboarder. With the right preparation, equipment, and mindset, the slopes of Kelowna are yours to conquer.