Mountain Biking Adventures in Kelowna: Trails for Every Rider

Two cyclists riding on a forest trail with autumn leaves and sunlight filtering through the trees.

Mountain biking in Kelowna is not just a sport; it's a journey through diverse landscapes, a test of skill and endurance, and an exploration of a community passionately devoted to the trails. From the dense pine forests to the vast sub-desert expanses, Kelowna’s mountain biking scene offers an adventure for every rider, regardless of their skill level.

Kelowna's Mountain Biking

The Mountain Bikers of the Central Okanagan (MTBCO) is at the core of this vibrant scene. This volunteer-driven, non-profit association is not only a custodian of the trails, but also an advocate for sustainable and inclusive mountain biking experiences in Kelowna. With a network spanning 248km over three major trail systems, MTBCO is the beating heart of the local mountain biking community, engaging with governments, organizing social events, group rides, and trail days to foster a strong sense of camaraderie and responsibility among riders.

Crawford Trail Network

Within the Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park, the Crawford trail network epitomizes the diversity of Kelowna’s mountain biking terrain. With 113 trails, including 24 green, 58 blue, and 17 black trails, this network caters to everyone from beginners to advanced thrill-seekers. The trails weave through cedar forests, across landscapes marked by the 2003 Okanagan Mountain Park Fire, and along the historic Kettle Valley Railway, offering breathtaking views and a rich variety of riding experiences.


The recommended start for novices is the Lost Lake Loop, leading to the gentle descents of Galloping and Fairlane. These trails offer a smooth introduction to mountain biking with manageable slopes, turns, and a few rock features for a taste of adventure​.

Lost Lake Loop - 900 meters of blue singletrack.

Galloping - This two way trail offers a direct climb or a quick fun descent.

Fairlane - 5km of gentle terrain. This trail usually takes about 20 minutes to complete.


Intermediate riders can challenge themselves on the Lost Lake Trail, branching onto Pink Highway and tackling the Boris trail. This route is characterized by chunky rocks and a progression feature, priming riders for more advanced trails​.

Lost Lake Trail - 10kms of doubletrack. This trail is quite long and takes an hour on average to complete.

Pink Hwy - 4km of riding. This takes around 20 minutes to complete.

Boris - 1km of downhill perfect for building confidence.

Grassy - Tidy flow with some big rock jumps with ride-arounds. Its easy to build some speed on this trail.


Advanced riders can push their limits on a day that includes, Connector, Big Drop, and Vapour. This trail promises rooty sections, techy rock features, and stunning views of Kelowna, culminating in a rewarding descent.

Connector - Lots of rocks, and some steep sections of rock steps.

Big Drop - This short black diamond has Rolls Slabs and drops.

Vapour - This rough rocky trail has some drops and jumps. It starts in the forest and ends in the burnt section of Myra-Bellevue.

Gillard Trail Network

Once a well-kept secret, the Gillard Trail Network has evolved into a premier destination for mountain bikers. With 71 trails, including 21 blue, 25 black, and 12 double black, Gillard caters primarily to intermediate and advanced riders. The network is known for its freeride focus, featuring fast single tracks, wood stunts, gap jumps, and rock gardens. One standout trail is Moose Knuckle, offering a mix of berms and rock gardens, while Kerplop and Rubber Down challenge riders with a variety of stunts and technical features​.


Hucking Grass Hole - This trail offers a mix of flowy sections and small features, making it ideal for riders looking to step up their game.

Moose Knuckle - This trail has a mix of berms and rock gardens. It has a couple technical features to be aware of, like a ladder bridge and a drop.


Boss Hog - A true Gillard classic. Lots of natural and wooden features with ride arounds. Some of the features are double black, but the trail itself is intermediate friendly.

Kerplop - This black diamond trail starts with lots of fun wood features, jumps and drops. After a breif flat section the trail transitions into a quick curvy single track.

Rubber Down - This double black is short and sweet. It starts with a rock drop, some gaps and then a handful of big jumps that finish onto the dirt road.

Knox Mountain Park

Overview: Located at the end of Ellis Street, Knox Mountain Park is a multi-use municipal park that offers stunning views of the city and Okanagan Lake. The trails here are less technical, making them suitable for a broader range of riders.


Apex Trail - A straightforward climb with rewarding panoramic views at the top. The descent is smooth and easy, perfect for beginners.


Paul’s Tomb Trail - A more challenging 2.5km cross-country ride with varied terrain, including some rocky sections and gentle slopes.


Peak Trail - This trail is a technical climb over a mix of loose and grippy rock with amazing panoramic views.

Panorama Ridge - This double black diamonds is a physically challenging downhill only. This ride conveniently loops with Peak Trail, so do laps to your heart's content.

Other Notable Trails in the Central Okanagan

Big White: Managed by Big White Ski Resort Ltd, this area transforms into a mountain biking haven in the summer. The trails range from beginner to expert, with well-maintained paths and stunning alpine scenery.

Okanagan Mountain Park: Managed by Friends of the South Slopes Society and BC Parks, this area offers rugged and remote trails. It's ideal for riders seeking a backcountry experience.

Powers Creek: Although currently unmanaged, this area offers some hidden gems for adventurous riders willing to explore less-traveled paths.

Lake Country: This emerging trail network with significant potential for future development. The current trails cater to various skill levels, making it an excellent area for exploration and growth.

Rose Valley: Managed by the West Kelowna Trail Crew Society and the Regional District of the Central Okanagan, Rose Valley features a diverse range of trails suitable for all skill levels. It's a perfect blend of challenging climbs and flowy single track, with switchbacks leading to stunning vistas. Trails like Daze of Roses and Sweet Street exemplify the beauty and challenge of this loop. This region is currently decommissioned.

Smith Creek: Also managed by the West Kelowna Trail Crew Society, Smith Creek provides a mix of flowy and technical trails, perfect for intermediates and experts alike.

In conclusion, Kelowna's mountain biking trails offer a rich mix of experiences. Whether you're a beginner seeking a scenic ride or an advanced rider craving technical challenges, Kelowna's diverse trails cater to every level of mountain biking enthusiast. Remember to respect the trail etiquette and the natural environment as you embark on your mountain biking adventures in this beautiful region.