Mountain Biking Through the Seasons: Year-Round Trails in Kelowna

Biker entering a tunnel at the Myra Canyon in Kelowna
Matthew Clark

Kelowna is a mountain biking paradise, offering a variety of trails suitable for every season. Whether you're a local or a visitor, there are trails to explore throughout the year, each providing unique challenges and breathtaking scenery. Here’s a seasonal guide to some of the best mountain biking spots in Kelowna.


Crawford Trails

Located in Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park, the Crawford Trails are among the first to become accessible as the snow melts. The area features a mix of technical single tracks and flowing trails. Popular routes include “Blancher's Silver” and “Connector,” which offer diverse terrains to challenge riders of all levels​​.

Gillard Trails

These trails, known for their downhill runs and jumps, start to open in late spring. Trails like “Boss Hog” and “Casino Royale” provide adrenaline-pumping experiences with well-maintained paths and various difficulty levels​​.


Smith Creek

Situated in West Kelowna, Smith Creek is known for its excellent flow and fun descents. The “Holy Pail Up” trail is particularly popular during the summer months. The shaded sections of these trails offer a respite from the summer heat, making them a favourite among local riders​​.

Knox Mountain

Close to downtown Kelowna, Knox Mountain offers a range of trails with stunning views of Okanagan Lake. The “Apex Trail” is a favourite for those seeking a challenging ride with rewarding vistas. Knox Mountain is accessible and provides a great mix of intermediate and advanced trails​​.


Powers Creek

Located near Westbank, Powers Creek is ideal for cooler fall weather. The trails here are a mix of technical and flowy sections, suitable for riders of all skill levels. Fall foliage adds a beautiful backdrop to your ride, making it a picturesque experience.

Crawford Trails

Returning to Myra-Bellevue, the Crawford Trails in fall are less crowded and equally beautiful. Trails like “Bullwinkle” and “Cat's Ass” offer exciting rides with the added beauty of autumn colours​​.


Snow Biking at McCulloch

For those who don’t mind the cold, fat biking in the McCulloch area provides a thrilling winter activity. The packed snow offers a unique riding experience, and the trails are adapted to handle winter conditions​.

Greenway Trails

The Greenway Trails along Mission Creek are accessible year-round and tend to be less snowy than higher elevation trails. These trails are well-maintained and provide a good option for winter biking when other trails are covered in snow​​.

Kelowna's mountain biking trails are diverse and accessible, offering something for every rider, regardless of the season. Whether you enjoy the lush greenery of spring, the warmth of summer, the vibrant colours of fall, or the crisp air of winter, there's always a trail waiting to be explored.