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New Year’s Eve in Kelowna: Best Events and Parties

A vibrant display of red fireworks lighting up the night sky in Kelowna.

As the final sunset of the year gives way to night, Kelowna offers a multitude of ways to bid farewell to the old year and welcome in the new.

Premier Events and Parties

Distrikt Nightclub’s New Year's Eve Party

Step into Gotham Nightclub and immerse yourself in an electrifying atmosphere spread across three floors. As the clock strikes midnight, revel in the magic of a balloon drop and a complimentary champagne toast, marking the beginning of a new year amidst a sea of celebration.

Lakesider Brewing's Event with Paraiso Latin Band

Lakesider Brewing invites you to a night of rhythmic Latin beats. Let the energy of Paraiso Latin Band set your feet tapping and your heart racing, as you dance your way into the New Year with a fusion of lively melodies.

Valley First New York New Years

Embrace the family-friendly spirit of New Year’s Eve at the Valley First New York New Years event. It's a joyous celebration where people of all ages come together, revelling in the communal joy of the occasion with skating, live music and fireworks, making it one of Kelowna's most inclusive and cherished events.

CRAFT Beer Market's 'Mood is Bright, Bottoms Up: New Years Eve 2023'

CRAFT Beer Market offers a tantalizing dual experience: indulge in a sumptuous four-course dinner, or choose to join the late-night dance party. This event promises a blend of exquisite culinary delights and exuberant dancing, ensuring a memorable entrance into the New Year.

Predator Ridge Resort's Gala and Party

Predator Ridge Resort curates an elegant evening where guests can savour miniature gourmet meals throughout the night. It’s a gala of grandeur and taste, offering a luxurious way to usher in the New Year amidst the resort's splendid surroundings.

More Exciting Celebrations

Canadian Brewhouse & Grill Celebration

The Canadian Brewhouse & Grill is set to host a night filled with style and joy. This event at 3030 Pandosy Street is a perfect blend of good food, great company, and an atmosphere brimming with festive spirit.

Blue Gator's Bash with The Young'Uns

The Blue Gator adds a musical twist to your New Year’s Eve with The Shawn Lightfoot Band. Located at 441 Lawrence Ave, this celebration promises a night of lively tunes and spirited cheer.

DunnEnzies' NYE

At DunnEnzies, groove into 2024 with Goldsauce and Texas Major. This prohibition themed event is not just about music; it's a celebration of style and fun, inviting you to shake your way into the New Year.

NYE 2024 Event at Liquid Zoo

274 Lawrence Avenue becomes a hub of jubilation with live entertainment, party favours, midnight snacks, and a toast to the New Year. It’s a place where memories are made and shared, lasting long after the party ends.

Unique and Themed Parties

Rockin' New Year's Eve at Rutland Centennial Hall

Celebrate at Rutland Centennial Hall with live music and a sumptuous buffet. It's an evening where the old charm of Kelowna meets the exciting energy of the New Year.

OK Corral Cabaret's NYE Bash

Join the party at OK Corral Cabaret New Year's Eve Black Tie Affair - a night of elegance and laughter. It’s a celebration filled with lively tunes, great company, and an atmosphere that's truly electric.

Kelowna Yacht Club's Elegant NYE Party

The Kelowna Yacht Club hosts an evening of elegance and celebration. From a cocktail reception to an interactive buffet dinner, followed by live music, it's a sophisticated way to welcome the New Year.

Additional Activities and Attractions

McCurdy Bowling Centre's All-You-Can-Bowl

For a unique spin on New Year’s Eve, head to McCurdy Bowling Centre for an all-you-can-bowl experience. It's perfect for families and groups looking for a fun, active way to ring in the New Year.

Freddy’s Brewpub

Freddy’s Brewpub offers a night of laughter and entertainment. Laugh your way into 2024 with the comedic genius of Tim Nutt at Freddy's Brewpub. It's an ideal blend of humour and celebration, perfect for those looking to welcome the New Year with a smile.

The Cove Lakeside Resort

Experience luxury at The Cove Lakeside Resort with an exclusive package. Revel in a two-night stay in a beautifully appointed suite, complete with welcome bubbly, chocolates, and festive SWAG. It's an indulgent way to celebrate the New Year in one of Kelowna’s premier destinations.

Alternative Celebrations

Cacao & Chanting Ceremony at Kelowna Unitarians

Embrace a serene and introspective New Year's Eve with the Cacao & Chanting Ceremony. This candlelit event offers a tranquil space to reflect on the year gone by and to welcome the new with openness and positivity.

Kelowna Yoga House

Crystal Journey welcomes 2024 with a sonic sound journey like no other at Kelown Yoga House. Celebrate New Years Eve with paiste planet gongs, Persian gongs, Persian santoors and quartz bowls.


Kelowna’s New Year's Eve celebrations are an example of the city's diverse character. Whether you're looking for an electrifying night of dancing, a family-friendly event, or a unique spiritual gathering, Kelowna has something to offer for everyone. As the fireworks light up the Okanagan sky, one thing is certain: Kelowna is a place where memories are made and new beginnings are celebrated with joy and enthusiasm.

Have you experienced New Year’s Eve in Kelowna? We’d love to hear about your experiences! Share your stories and check out the links provided for more information on these fantastic events. Here's to a splendid New Year's Eve in Kelowna!